With email marketing offering an amazing return on investment (approximately £32 for every £1 spent, according to Hubspot) what content you curate to send to your audiences is actually key. But how do you ensure your audiences don’t get bored? And most importantly, how can you source juicy content every week when you are short of time? Here are ten ideas to get you started: 


1. Company and industry updates

Include any big news stories from your industry or any upcoming company changes or events. Keep an eye out for any articles mentioning your company. And of course, always include any awards you have won or been nominated for. 


2. Interviews

Interviews make great newsletter content. They are easy to read and appealing to readers as the content is usually fresh and informative. You can interview staff members, to give a unique insight into the organisation, or others from your industry. If you have video interviews, you can add links to them in your newsletter too! Remember it’s okay to link to your other social media platforms like YouTube or Facebook. 


3. Case Studies

Case studies are a fantastic way to show off your work and to show what services you offer. Case studies are your chance to show your readers just what you can do. Don’t be afraid to include any pitfalls or hurdles you have faced, being transparent and honest is a great way to build trust with your readers. Here’s an example of our marketing case studies


example of newsletter body that shows a webinar listing with dates and descriptions and a customer quote


4. A product how-to

Whether your product is a long-standing bestseller or it’s fresh off the production line, how-to videos or articles are a great way to show off your products. These also give you the chance to address some of those frequently asked questions that your customers have.


5. A survey or poll

Nothing encourages interaction more than asking questions. You could ask your readers opinions on something specific like an upcoming new product/service, how they use one of your current products, or what they would like to see offered.


6. Before and after story

Most products exist to solve a problem. Whether you make an actual physical product or you offer a service, what you do is probably improving someone’s day. Before and after stories are a great way to show you readers how great your product is from the perspective of other customers.    


7. Infographics

Want to give your readers a break from all that reading? Instead of sending repeated walls of text, use visual infographics to convey your message. Here’s an infographic we made explaining how to create content that works.


8. Tools or products that your customers may find useful

It’s not all about you. Newsletters are a great way of providing your customers with useful hints and tips and to let them know about other products that they may find useful. One of your goals with a newsletter is to keep readers coming back for more, so if your email is actually helpful then they will.

two images of content blocks from newsletters that show a cat sitting on a desk at work and a funny quote from the internet
Image source: Kinderly.co.uk


9. Positive or funny quotes

Lots of people read marketing emails on the go and often on their phone’s smaller screen. Too much text or too much serious content will cause them to lose interest fast. Adding a funny or positive quote can break up all the text and keep their attention.


10. Webinar recordings

Have you got any recordings of previous webinars? Then include a link to a relevant one in your newsletter. Whether the topic covered in the webinar is now a hot trend in the industry or it’s a timeless bit of information, webinars are a great way to provide your readers with some useful well-researched content that is easily digestible.


We hope these ideas were helpful, but if you are struggling with your email marketing please drop us a line so we can support you.  Oh! and if you haven’t, you can also read our email marketing guide for beginners to get you started.

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