As the end of another year approaches, there’s no better time to take a step back from business as usual and reflect on our year at Creative Blend. As an agency on the whole we’ve had a solid year with a steady work flow which we couldn’t be more grateful for in the current climate. Our 2023 wrapped will give you a peek into our year and highlight just a few of our best bits.

New biz

In addition to the existing clientele of amazing businesses we have worked with on a regular basis for many years, in 2023 we’ve had the chance to get our teeth into some really exciting projects. We’ve taken on 8 new projects, which include website builds, updates and optimisation projects – such as optimising clients paid media accounts to see an increase in conversion by 15%, improving clients commercial user journeys to aiding an increase in conversion and supporting in the launch of new campaigns. We’ve also taken on 5 new marketing retainer clients who we work with on a monthly basis offering them tailored digital marketing support. Check out our case studies page to take a more in-depth look at what we’ve been getting up to.

New resources

In 2023 the Creative Blend team really wanted to put some of their skills and knowledge into tangible, downloadable items, completely free of charge! This is where our resources came in. Our resource section is full of free guides, hints and tips that are all set to help boost your marketing game. Whether you’ve been wondering if your small business should be on TikTok, why your Facebook account isn’t getting the engagement it used to, does your LinkedIn page have all the right elements or where to start with email marketing – we’ve got plenty of free guides to help with your current marketing woes.

Workshops galore

This year we have seen a real demand for strategic workshops. Whether you are looking to re-build your current website and wish to understand the pain points of your team or are looking to strategically review your digital presence. The workshops allow all stakeholders to come together and discuss pain points and agree upon the new direction to take the business. Allowing all team members to have their say will ensure everyone is included and supportive of the direction going forward. Read about the workshop we did up in Edinburgh with Canon Medical Research Europe in our case study.

Giving back

This year, on top of our pro bono marketing support we give monthly to our chosen charities, we also attended Together Co’s summer party in June and attended Whoopsadaisy’s art auction in October where we actually bought an art piece created by the children and volunteers at Whoopsadaisy. 

charity pictures

Our Charity commitment will also be opening its doors again in the new year,  offering 2 new charities completely free marketing support each month for 12 months. Be sure to sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know.


We’ve been working with ecologi now for over a year, and in this short time we’ve managed to plant 1,040 trees and funded 22 projects globally to reduce environmental impact. Check out our planet page to find out more about what these projects entail. We’ve also been supporting our clients to make more sustainable choices and to let their customers know of their efforts (check out our clients Supplies Web new sustainability page).

What's the team been up to?

It’s been a busy year for the Creative Blend just as much inside of work as it has outside. On the website development side, our developer Dan was promoted, Dan & Jason both completed their accessibility course and last but very not least Jason became a dad! As for the marketing side of things, Blanca qualified as a humanistic psychotherapist and Hannah has been promoted from assistant to executive and spent a lot of time in the year working remotely from Barcelona!


We’d like to say a big thank you to all our colleagues, partners, and clients who have made 2023 a really busy and exciting year, we can’t wait for what’s in store in 2024!

xmas party pictures from proud cabaret brighton

What are your challenges?