Want to give your social media communications some direction and focus? Have you thought of running a social media campaign? To make life a tiny bit easier for you we’ve put together a round up of our 5 top tips to help you create a successful campaign that will help you reach and engage with your audiences, generate interest in what you do and prompt people to take a specific action (hello leads!).

1. Define your goal
What do you want people to do? Is it about prompting them to make a phone call? Visit your website to send an enquiry? Or perhaps to engage with you on a specific topic on social media? Whatever your end goal is, it needs to be really clear, as this will help you measure your campaign success!

2. Define your resources
Ok, so you want people to go to your website. Got it. You?ll need to ensure your website is looking as best as possible. Whether you need a new landing page on your website, images or new enticing copy, planning what you?ll need and how long it will take is critical!

3. Define your message
This is the creative bit. You?ll need to come up with some copy and images that will convey your message. It could be bold and simple, or it could be useful and informative. No matter what style you go for, the important thing is that it?s aligned to your brand, so people can still recognise it comes from you! We recommend you create a campaign hashtag if you want people to engage with you on the topic the campaign is promoting. It needs to be clear, simple and easy to understand!

Uncle Sams Burger competition Brighton & Eastbourne
Here are two examples of Instagram posts from a campaign we ‘re running for Uncle Sams UK, using bold graphics and call to actions to entice users to enter their competition.

4. Connect with friends
Everything goes a long way with a little help from friends. Especially when it comes to social media. So, if you?re preparing a campaign, be sure to tag friends that might be interested in it, ask your partners, colleagues, trustees, or anyone in your network to share your content. It might sound obvious, but actually saying ?please share? is far more effective than expecting people to actually do it!

5. Some reporting can’t kill you!
You don?t need to go super deep on your data but to know if the campaign has worked or not, you definitely need SOME data. It could be how many impressions you generated on Twitter, what was your average post reach on Facebook or how many people used your hashtag on Instagram. This will help you set a benchmark of what works for your audience and your market, and will also give you an opportunity to reflect on what has worked and what can be improved in the future.

We hope these tips were helpful, but if you feel you?d benefit from some expert advice on your social media marketing do drop us an email ? we?d love to help! From auditing your channels to creating a new identity or social strategy for your business, our Team can support you, no matter what level of experience you have!