Brighton plays host to biggest, brightest and, dare we say the best, Pride event in the country. Now that Pride season is upon us, businesses pursue their share of the pink pound by slapping rainbow flags on to products, shop windows and staff members.

Showing support the LGBTQ+ community is important not just during Pride, but every day, and let’s be honest, showing genuine support for Pride requires a bit more than flogging some rainbow-themed merch. Pride is a fantastic celebration of love, but it is also about the battle for equality ? and a meaningful Pride campaign should add something valuable to this fight.

These Pride campaigns show that being a proud ally of the LGBTQ+ community can be about more than just logos.

Virgin Atlantic

Fifty years after Stonewall Uprising, the streets of New York City will provide the stage for World Pride 2019. The journey to equality has been turbulent and it is not over, but this landmark moment in history changed the gay rights movement forever.

LGTBQ flight attendants Virgin
Image: Virgin Atlantic via GQ Magazine

In recognition of this ? and in anticipation of what promises to be one truly epic party – Virgin Atlantic are operating a Pride flight. Hosted by Tituss Burgess (star of ?Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt?) and staffed by an LGBTQ crew, this fun-filled flight boasts a DJ and live entertainment (watch video here).

Virgin Atlantic?s marketing is fun and a little tongue-in-cheek ? but there is often a meaningful message at the heart of it. Virgin Holidays are committed to ensuring travel is for everybody and they show that all-year-round with their range of LGBTQ+ friendly holidays and social media campaigns such as their #LooseTheLabel campaign, watch the video here.


In celebration of Pride, Harry?s have realised a shiny (literally) new ?Shave with Pride? razor and razor set. Designed by Spanish artist Jose Roda, these colourful razors have been inspired by members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Screenshot of Harry's new LGBTQ razor
Image: Harry’s

This is more than just a bit of Pride branding. The company is donating all of its profits from the UK sales of these razors to the Albert Kennedy Trust. But their support does not just cover Pride month, Harry?s is an ally of LGBT causes throughout the year, as proved by this advert that casually includes a trans man. Proving that being a proud ally of the LGBTQ+ community should be for life not just for Pride.


The Swedish drinks company has been a long-time ally of the LGBTQ+ community. Over the years, Absolut has donated literally millions to LGBT causes, and their familiar Pride-themed bottle was the first spirit to wear a rainbow flag ? proving their Pride branding is far from tokenism.

Group of LGBTQ activists
Image: Absolut

In collaboration with Glaad, Absolut have created a series of short films featuring LGBTQ+ activists talking about their own experiences of acceptance. This might not be as visually striking as their famous ?Kiss with pride? campaign but the inspiring message is still as strong!



All that marching requires some fabulous footwear and Converse have a great Pride-themed range featuring both the rainbow flag and the trans flag. But Converse is doing more than just providing Pride participants with pretty footwear. Donation from the sales of the range will go their longstanding partners such as ?It Gets Better Project?.

Screenshot of LGBTQ Converse trainers
Image: Converse

As part of their Pride marketing, their ?Spread the Love? campaign features messages from prominent members of the LGBTQ community and they also have images/posters that you can download for free from their website too : )


Brighton Pride

When Pride comes to town, Brighton and Hove is awash with love, inclusivity and some serious partying. And with Pride-goers splashing some serious cash – over a whopping ?20 million ? the weekend really does benefit the whole city. View Brighton and Hove’s Pride 2019 programme here.

This year, Brighton Pride is launching a couple of new initiatives: A?City Angel initiative ? encouraging closer partnerships between local businesses and Pride. The angels are asked to help keep their patch of the city clean, keep an eye out for hate crime incidents and be active in reporting these to the police, and support the great LGBTQ+ initiatives that take place in the city. We hope this will help in?keeping the beautiful city of Brighton safe, clean and enjoyable for everyone!

Two people cleaning Brighton beach
Image: Brighton & Hove Pride

The second new initiative is a Pride beach clean, but not just an ordinary beach clean… a Pride silent disco beach clean!? Delivered by Ocean?s 8 Brighton, sponsored by Brighton Pride, supported by Brighton Watersports and The Bird & Blend Tea Co, the initiative aims to help with the influx of waste generated every weekend over Summer, particularly after Brighton Pride.

We hope you have enjoyed our roundup of Pride campaigns we love if you have any suggestions or ideas of meaningful campaigns you’ve spotted around let us know!