Covid-19 has definitely shaken many things up when it comes to working right now, but as Blanca’s grandma would say, “where there’s a will, there’s a way!”. That’s why when we had to move Psychology student from Sussex University Amy Sheppard’s internship to an online experience, well, we were determined to make it happen!
We are big advocates of flexible and remote work and do most of our work remotely at the moment, so we knew we were fully equipped to do it, but how would Amy find it? Would it be too weird to do the whole internship online? Well, in her own words, this was her experience…


A virtual experience?

Despite the challenges of COVID-19 and having to move the internship virtual, MD Grant was still keen to follow through with the initial promise of one-two weeks work experience, and the proposed plan actually turned into a three-week internship!


The psychology of marketing

Coming from a background of psychology, I was nervous to step into the unknown and jump into the world of digital marketing. However, Grant and Digital Marketing Manager Blanca were fantastic at showing me the ropes. They each took time to discuss with me what my psychology background could bring to the role. For example, analysing data is useful for data analytics, cognitive psychology at the core of UX, and understanding the users’ thoughts and behaviour necessary for just about all of it!


A tailored experience

The experience was tailored to my interests and what I wanted to learn, which was especially valuable for this early stage in my career.
How I spent the three weeks:
  • Learning how to use Google Analytics and heatmapping to assess user? behaviour, and completing some analytical and heat map reviews
  • Learning the basics of SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • Exploring the many roles in UX. Here I had the opportunity to use my psychology degree to explore some elements of cognitive psychology in UX
  • Researching a variety of different clients/ potential clients, looking at their social media presence to understand how the agency can benefit them
  • Listening in to a couple of client calls, where I developed an understanding for client ? agency relationships
  • Working with Blanca, who talked me through social media management for business and content strategy. From this, I was able to experiment on image designing app Canva with some social content ideas and write a couple of CB blog posts: How to deactivate your Facebook account and Supporting Whoopsadaisy during the pandemic.

Amy’s final thoughts

With exposure to analytics, UX and social media as well as a taste of agency life and project work, I have gained invaluable knowledge and experience. Not least a huge confidence boost in pursuing a career in marketing from a psychology non-business background!
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the team and am very grateful for the opportunity!