Here at Creative Blend we believe in doing business differently. So apart from helping our clients achieve excellent results, we also invest 10hrs?every month helping charities with their digital activities for free (we tell you all about it in our Charity Commitment page).

But we don’t stop there.

Did you know that our MD Grant is also a digital trustee for Brighton-based charity Whoopsadaisy? In celebration of #TrusteeWeek we thought we’d ask Grant a bit more about his work and involvement with this great charity.

Whoopsadaisy children

So Whoopsadaisy is a charity that helps?children with cerebral palsy and other motor conditions in Brighton and Hove – what made you become a? trustee for them?

I was first introduced to the Whoopsadaisy team back in 2016 after speaking to a good friend about my desire to support a local charity. At the time I was hoping to build what is now known as the Creative Blend charity commitment where we support two charities for a 12-month period donating 120 hours of free service per year.

From the first moment I entered the Whoopsadaisy Pavillion I was struck with a sense of d?j? vu. It just so happens much of the equipment the conductors use with the children to enable them to walk, I also had used as a young child after undergoing major surgery and needing to learn to walk once more. This instantly bonded me on to the charity and further lead to Creative Blend supporting the charity for almost two years.

Charity Commitment Main Image

Because of the relationships developed over the two years, I was asked if I would consider becoming a trustee of Whoopsadaisy in November 2018. After speaking with the other trustees and reviewing the desires of the charity longer term, I felt I could help and therefore gratefully accepted the invitation.

That’s so lovely! How do you feel you benefit from being a trustee? What?s in it for you or anyone interested in becoming a charity trustee?

A common question I get from people is ?Do trustees get paid?? the answer is no. Trustees do not receive payment for their role in a charity organisation, but for anyone thinking of becoming a trustee you should know being a trustee is incredibly rewarding!

Knowing you are part of something bigger than yourself is a fantastic feeling, especially when you can have direct contact with those who gain from your organisation.

Whoopsadaisy website build

Do you think?Brighton charities need more digital trustees?

Marketing and digital prowess are really sought after skills for trustees, and as an area, I feel our sector is greatly underrepresented? So it?s time for all of us to step up.

So would you recommend becoming a trustee? what would be your advice for others to join?

Absolutely! Here are some reasons why others should become trustees too:

  • The knowledge that you are making an impact in people’s lives, especially when it comes to children
  • A positive warm feeling inside
  • Sharing your experience and your skills can really make a difference to an organisation, especially when it comes to small charities!
  • You’ll make new friends and learn from each other
  • You’ll be supporting your local community (especially causes that are close to your heart)

Thank you so much, Grant – that was really insightful!