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Six of the best websites for free images and video
Nothing makes content pop like an eye-catching image or video.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so what better way to…
3rd September 2021
10 Free marketing tools for small charities
Did you know that the 17th of August was National Nonprofit Day? We are a big fan of non-profits here at Creative Blend and…
20th August 2021
Why video is an essential ingredient in your marketing mix
Why video is an essential ingredient in your marketing mix Did you know that including video content on your website landing page has the…
12th August 2021
Four reasons your business needs a blog
Creating a blog is time-consuming. There is research, writing, editing… editing again. If you don’t have a blog already, or if the one you…
13th July 2021
Responsibility update
If you are familiar with what we do, you might have heard about our charity commitment where we support local charities with free marketing…
1st June 2021
Creative Blend Charity of the year revealed!
After many applications, considerations, team zoom meetings… we are thrilled to announce that the chosen Creative Blend Charity of The Year 2021 is… Off…
7th May 2021
Accessibility tips when using social media
Social media is great for companies and great for customers. It creates a ton of brand loyalty and gives organisations direct access to their…
20th April 2021
Charity applications now open
Did you know that we are a digital agency with a charity commitment? Yup, that’s right. That means we not only work hard to…
8th April 2021
Five local community projects that have swapped meeting rooms for online zooms
Online meeting platforms like Zoom have become indispensable in lockdown. From Monday morning meetings to Friday night drinks, they have offered us some sense…
1st April 2021