Could there be a community more proud of their roots and values than Brighton? From the barmy and bizarre sights and spectacles on the streets to the forward-thinking independent businesses that seem to multiple daily – there?s plenty to take pride in.

Creative Blend thrives on community spirit and Brighton (well Hove, actually) has always felt the right place to have our HQ. Here are 5 things we are collectively proud of…

The Creative Blend charity commitment

We?re kicking off with a commitment close to the heart of the team – supporting local charities. Each year the team decide upon two not-for-profit or charity organisations to pledge their time to, and then we support them with their digital needs. Quite often this sector does not have large budgets to put towards expensive strategies and the resource to carry out the work, but we hope that by helping as much as we can, we can help to build a strong digital footprint and become more present online.

The Creative Blend Team

Our team is reflected in our brand name – a blend of creatives! When Grant started the company, it was with the intention of only working alongside others who shared his values, so each member of the team is fully on board with the end goal – creating an ethical and fun agency to work with. The team all have different backgrounds, but you?ll often find us hanging out together outside of work, especially when the Brighton sun is shining!

Brighton?s diversity and community spirit

Unless you?ve been hiding under a rock (or pebble perhaps?) you?ll know that Brighton Pride is hitting the city on the first weekend of August. And it?s not just about Britney – this year is billed to be the largest Brighton parade? ever! Celebrating diversity of every kind, the festival reinforces key beliefs held by many in the community – the central one being that everybody is welcome in our city no matter their gender, race or sexual orientation. So whether you?re donning sequins and rainbows or simply watching from the sidelines, bring on Pride 2018!

Start-ups and independent businesses

As an independent business ourselves, it?s clear that creativity breeds creativity in Brighton and Hove. in June 2018 Elite Business Magazine reported an 88% survival rate for small businesses in the city – not bad considering London came in at 69% comparatively. Dubbed ?Silicon Beach?, Tech start-ups are riding the wave of success and there are many more diverse and wonderful independents, from family-focused pottery cafes to the thought-leaders in making technology accessible for young people, ThinkNation.

Diverse ways of meeting people

Of course, the REAL reason we all choose to live or work in Brighton has to be the crazy happenings going on around the city each and every day. The annual Naked Bike ride, which this year had an emphasis on women?s empowerment, draws gasps of delight – and shock for unsuspecting tourists and the elusive Guerilla Knitting Group have made headline for their flashmob lamp post designs. Silent beach-cleaning discos, Brighton Fringe festival and BrightonSEO are all events that keep the city?s cultural fire stoked and fully alight year round.

What are you most proud of in Brighton and Hove? – Get in touch and let us know!