For World Vegan day this year we thought we’d put together a list of our top 12 (10 wasn’t enough!) vegan spots in Brighton. From the super-healthy to the dirtiest fastfood joints, the most highly rated roast in Brighton and even strictly a vegan fish and chip shop – we’ve covered all avenues in our list. Even if you don’t follow a strictly plant-based diet, these spots will persuade even the stubbornest of meat-eaters that losing out on animal products doesn’t necessarily mean losing out on flavour.

1. The Roundhill

If you’re searching for the ultimate wholesome roast, vegan or not, look no further than The Roundhill Pub. Winning the top spot for the best roast in Brighton (including meat options!) for multiple years running, we’d have to agree it’s the ultimate vegan roast with their Seitan meat alternatives being very close to the real thing! The Seitan minted Lamb is a firm favourite.

2. We Love Falafel

A true Brighton institution at lunch time. The queues are always long because it’s super affordable, quick and delicious! A personal fave is the Sweet Potato Falafel melt wrap – full of flavour and moreish melted vegan Cheese. The Salads at We Love Falafel are also 10/10.

3. Botanique

A sister restaurant to ‘Food For Friends’ (another amazing vegan pick in the Lanes), located in Hove. Their carefully curated menu is made with fresh, organic vegetables delivered each day ensuring the dishes are packed with flavour and taste equally fresh.

4. Vurger Co

Is the place to go if you are in the mood for ‘naughty’ fast food (plant-based diets don’t have to always equal super healthy!). Vurger Co is home to hands down some of the best vegan Burgers in town and equally irresistible sides – we love the Tater Tots!

5. Terre A Terre

Is a great option if you are looking for somewhere slightly more upmarket, a great option for fine dining for a special occasion. Our stand out dishes are the Aubergine Dengaku and the Korean Fried Cauliflower. As well as the offerings on their menu, they also have products available to purchase that feature on their menu such as, Jams, Chutneys and even hampers.

6. Supernatural

If you’re looking for something more steroetypically ‘vegan’ then Supernatural could be the place for you. This cafe is home to super colourful, super healthy salads, wraps, soups, raw cakes and superfood smoothies. It scores 5 stars on Tripadvisor and we would have to agree as superfood snacks have never been so tasty.

7. Kokedama

A sister restaurant to The Roundhill, this restaurant was always set to be a winner. Kokedama is more of a fine dining experience offering a varied range of small plates that are anything but small on flavour. They offer a £40 menu which gets you all the chef’s favourite dishes that day, plusa glass of Prosecco, a great option for the adventurous eaters. Plus the service is second to none.

8. Lost in the Lanes

A contemporary Cafe located on Nile Street. The food is just as impressive as the location with these guys. A big favourite of ours on their menu is the Baharat cauliflower, aubergine, baba ganoush and naan bread with harissa and pomegranate (tastes just as good as it sounds).

9. Oowee Vegan

Oowee Vegan Brighton is the newest vegan hotspot in Brighton opening only in August of this year. It’s no surprise to us it’s already gaining great reviews as they are really reasonably priced and their fake ‘Chicken’ is not far off the real thing!

10. What The Pitta

Home to the ultimate Vegan Donna Kebab and the tastiest Meze boxes, this place is pretty special. Not only do they make the classic indulgent treat of a Kebab, vegan-friendly but they also ‘Klimato’ to calculate the carbon footprint of each of their dishes to help their customers make climate-friendly choices and to ensure transparency to their customers.

11. No Catch

No Catch is not only a unique concept, being a fully vegan fish and chip joint, but also award-winning. They have everything from plant-based Prawns, Calamari and even battered Sausage.

12. Neighbourhood

The last on our list, but definitely not least, is Neighbourhood. Located in the North Laines, this super quirky and colourful (both the food and the interior) cafe is home to one of the best Burgers we’ve had – the Sweet Potato and Chickpea Burger pairs perfectly with their homemade Ketchup. Definitely a spot to try which we’re sure will become one of your regulars.

Vegan burger and chips from Neighbourhood

We hope this list has helped you pick your next vegan food joint if you follow a plant-based diet or inspired you to start dipping your foot in the plant-based pond, especially if you’re local to Brighton, it would be rude not to with so many options!

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