The last few weeks have been crazy busy but also very rewarding! We’ve started working with new and exciting clients and we’ve also worked closely with our charities of the year supporting their Spring-Summer campaigns. Let us give you the low down…

A group of young people at Amplified event in Brighton
Image Source: Chloe Hashemi / Little Green Pig

Little Green Pig – Amplified Event
This year, our charity of the year Little Green PIg put together Amplified – an incredible event part of the Brighton Festival. Amplified brought together 8 brave young people from Brighton & Hove to share their struggles and successes. Presented as a Ted-talk type of event and with Cecilia Knapp as the MC, Amplified captivated the audience with their powerful stories. Both Grant and Blanca from the Creative Blend Team, helped the Little Green Pig Team by auditing their website and social media channels, advising them on strategies to make the most of their communication channels and training them on social media and SEO. We were thrilled the event received such well-deserved feedback:

“Totally inspiring. Wonderful writers, such talent. What interesting lives and stories. Best production I?ve seen in ages.”

The event was so inspiring that Little Green Pig is working on a short documentary about the project, as well as a longer film focusing on three of the young writers. If you want to know more about how Little Green Pig help young people in Brighton & Hove with their literacy skills and other mentoring activities, please visit?

Two images of YMCA's campaign Retreat To Sleep
YMCA Right Here – #RetreatToSleep
In case you haven’t heard of Right Here, they are an award-winning YMCA charity project that focuses on youth participation, training and workshops around mental health and wellbeing for young people aged 11-25 years. They’re also Creative Blend’s Charity of the year. For their Spring campaign, they decided to focus on raising awareness of the importance of sleep amongst young people. Our Digital Marketing Manager Blanca helped them with their marketing strategy, social media training, working together to optimise their communication channels and creating a campaign identity that could be used digitally.


kids and adults dressed up for RISe superhero run
Image Source: RISE UK

RISE – Superhero run
Because we love supporting a good cause and truly believe in helping others with our digital skills, we couldn’t resist getting involved with RISE’s superhero run this year. We love RISE’s mission and work supporting people affected by domestic abuse in Brighton & Hove and let’s be honest, we also love a bit of fancy dress! On this occasion, our Grant designed the km markers banners that signposted the run and they featured superheroes that represented the companies sponsoring the run, here’s what they looked like:

people running in fancy dress

Curious about our charity commitment? Get an idea of what we are about and how we work and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.