Who said small businesses couldn’t make an impact? 🌍 💪 April is Earth Month, and we wanted to share with you an update on our sustainability efforts.

At home

Since we gave up our office during the pandemic, being more environmentally-friendly has become tied up with our own personal lives. From switching to more environmentally friendly energy suppliers, composting, using refurbished equipment where possible, to growing veggies at home (Dan & Blanca are pros at this!) we are all looking for ways to be a bit more eco-aware in everything we do. 
creative blend staff growing vegetables

You might have seen we are all about doing business #TheHumanWay here, which for us, it means working in a way that respects both people and our planet, with human experience at the core of our marketing solutions. You can read more about it on our #TheHumanWay campaign page.  

At work

After a lot of research, 9 months ago we decided to team up with Ecologi, an organisation that helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint. Here’s a summary of what we’ve achieved so far:

We’ve planted 925 trees across different projects:

– Forest restoration in Kenya
– Reforestation in Changalane, Mozambique
– Planting forest gardens in Uganda
– Mangrove planting in Marotaola, Madagascar
– Planting forest gardens in Tanzania
– Restoring Andean Polylepis Forests in Peru

We are also supporting the funding of projects in:

  • Turkey – Using landfill methane to produce electricity
  • Kenya – Distributing cleaner cookstoves to reduce emissions
  • Egypt – Solar electricity project
  • Brazil – Protecting over 70,000 hectares of threatened rainforest

Read more about our work with Ecologi & the projects we support

Local charity support

We like to think a sustainable business is one that looks after the planet but also its people. That’s why we are committed to helping others in our community by offering free marketing services every month. We’re currently proudly supporting local charities:  Together Co. and The Clock Tower Sanctuary.

Grant Jennings at a Together co. charity session