Every year Pantone chooses a colour to inspire creativity among creatives. Kicking off the year is the calming hue of Classic Blue, a colour hardwired into our psychology as restful and reassuring. In an uncertain world, Pantone have chosen a colour that radiates stability and timelessness and let’s be honest, considering the state of the world right now, we could all do with a little bit of that, right?

From fashion and interior design to logos and packaging, you don?t have to look too far to find Classic Blue ? alias Pantone 19-4052 . If you fancy injecting a bit of on-trend tone into your design and increase your social media reach, here are five ways to make it work:


Use Classic Blue in your branding

As the new decade kicks off, it is out with the old and in with the new. So, if you are looking to create a new brand, or overhaul an old one, then Classic Blue is a great place to start.

Pantone chooses its colour of the year carefully to reflect trends in the design industry. Using this colour in your designs conveys a current and contemporary feeling that will draw people to your branding. But, this is more than about following fashion, a quick glance at giants such as Facebook, Ford, Dell and Amex make it clear that blue is always a winning design choice. It is, as the name suggests, a classic.

banner with blue pantone of the year 2020

Use Pantone?s suggested Colour Palettes

If you feel like you are drowning in a sea of blue, then liven designs up with some complementary colours. Pantone has created a selection of colour palettes that work well with Classic Blue.

These are a great help if you are struggling to come up with colour combos that match the tone of your website. Whether you want to evoke a sense of calm neutrality or show the untraditional and adventurous nature of your brand, then Pantone has a suggested palette.

Classic Blue is incredibly versatile and can be incorporated into almost any design.

Pantone colour combination
Image source: pantone.com

Use in your images or illustrations

Obviously, no one is going to rebrand just to follow a trend, but there are still lots of options for introducing Classic Blue into your designs without going back to the drawing board.

Classic Blue is found everywhere in photography ? think atmospheric evening skies, moody seas, tropical birds, blue-washed buildings and current fashion, to name just a few.

If you use illustrations on your site or in posts and emails, then give these a makeover by using a Classic Blue colour palette in your designs.

Two photographs of landscapes that feature pantone 2020
Image source: Pantone Instagram

Use as a background for posts and presentations

Classic Blue is the perfect backdrop for eye-catching Instagram posts. Whether you opt for a minimalist look, such as white text on a plain blue background, or use Classic Blue alongside complementary tones, gradients or images, it is sure to grab your followers? attention.

Pantone even claim that this tone of blue aids concentration, making it a great background for presentation slides.

Here’s an example we’ve put together so you can get an idea of how you can use it:

example of graphic using pantone

Use the #COY2020 to get some additional exposure

If the colour of the year has inspired some of your social media posts, then grab additional exposure by adding the dedicated hashtag. This works especially well if you have designed any products in Classic Blue.