How did the opportunity come up?

Last April I chose graphic design when signing up to work experience with my school (Dorothy Stringer in Brighton). At the time, I had a vague interest in graphic design, but I knew hardly anything.

I had no idea just 3 months later, I would be using photoshop to create mock ups of websites for developers to work off, learning about search engine optimisation, coding and computers (Apple Mac?s), and developing a love for graphic design and digital creation!

I?ve always wanted to learn more about graphic design, as I used to want to do pixel art or something the like, and now that I have a basic understanding of graphic design, I?ve decided to pursue developing my skills in creating digital art and coding in the future.


Why I chose to do your work experience with Creative Blend?

I appreciate the company?s ethical policies (working for 2 local charities every year, free of charge), and an unwritten rule of only charging clients for the hours worked, not the hours quoted.

I hope that more companies will take on the idea of being ?ethical? and giving back to the community, not just taking.

Overall, I?ve really enjoyed working at Creative Blend, and hope they do well in the future.

– Louis Treasure