Hi everyone, I’m Hannah, 23 from West Sussex, a recent university graduate from the University of Brighton and new marketing assistant for Creative Blend.

What experience do you have?

After graduating from Brighton University last Summer I have been lucky enough to secure a few internships at various digital marketing agencies in the Brighton and Hove area. From these experiences I have built up a breadth of new skills and marketing knowledge in a short space of time. My skill set includes but is not limited to copywriting, creating and implementing strategy, graphic design and content creation for social media.

What interests you about about marketing?

I love working in marketing as I feel it allows me to get creative, whether that be through the copy I write or any design projects. It can also be extremely rewarding to see something you have created from scratch drive meaningful results for clients and their businesses. Another reason I was keen to pursue a career in digital marketing is that the digital landscape is constantly evolving so there is always something new to learn and get stuck into.

What drew you to Creative Blend?

I was initially attracted to Creative Blend for their ‘do good’ ethos. Their annual charity commitment where they do work pro bono for selected charities really highlighted to me that this was a company who cares about more than the bottom line and are eager to give back. I also was drawn to the human-feel and approachable nature of the company and that paired with their philanthropic efforts illustrated to me that our values aligned.

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What's your favourite charity?

I’m super passionate about any charities based around sustainability and animal welfare. A few of my local favourites are ‘Freegle’ a Brighton freecycling platform, ‘Fareshare Sussex’ who tackle food wastage from food companies delivering it to local charities and ‘Reystede’ a center for animal welfare in Sussex rescuing and rehoming pets.

Favourite film?

My favourite film has to be a toss up between ‘The Holiday’ and ‘Love Actually’. I’ve watched both of these countless times and they never fail to get me in the festive spirit all year round! If you haven’t already guessed from my movie selections, Christmas is my favourite time of the year!

Favourite food?

I’m a huge foodie and love pretty much all food and types of cuisine, however my favourite food would have to be sushi, a close second being a huge bowl of pasta of any description! I’ve also recently turned pescetarian so Japanese and Italian food are ideal for meat-free delicious meals.

Favourite ways to spend your weekends?

My favourite ways to spend my time off on the weekends is surrounded by friends and anything involving eating good food and drinking good wine! I also love a city break exploring different cities in the UK, Manchester and Liverpool being firm favourites.

I hope that gave you a little insight into me and hopefully you will be seeing more blog posts from me in the future, sign up to our newsletter here so you don’t miss out!