Can you tell us who you are and what your role consists of?

My Name’s Grant, I’m the founder of Creative Blend. I’m also a father, trustee and an amateur cook. My role at Creative Blend is pretty varied – one day I could be meeting with a new client, the next I could be planning our next team day or planning for the next website/product launch.

What are your favourite things about your team?

I love the passion, the humour and the desire to do the best of our clients & charities. Also the fact each member is a massive foodie helps! The meals we’ve had on our team days so far have been amazing (Oeuf is my favourite so far!).

Working with charities is super important to Creative Blend, so what are some of your favourite charities?

Truthfully I think all of the charities are incredible! Each time we’ve worked with a charity I’ve found the experience moving, rewarding and really inspirational. However, overall if forced to answer, my favourite has to be and will always be Whoopsadaisy as a trustee.

conductor supporing a little child on a matt
Image from a session provided by local charity Whoopsadaisy in Brighton
Can you tell us some of your favourite Brighton spots and why?

Ohh great question! Here’s my top 3 right now:

 1) The Pond pub; the best bao buns! YUM

 2) Bincho Yakitori; the best spot for a night out with great food

 3) Valentino’s; my favourite place for an old fashioned


Trust me I could go on but for now I think 3 will do! 

What is your vision for the future of Creative Blend?

I would love to see us being able to offer a wider level of charity support, perhaps expanding the reach of the support to the South. However for the time being I am extremely proud of what we have achieved with our charity commitment. I would also like to see us moving towards B Corp status, however this is quite a lofty target for a small business (given the lengthy application process) but I am sure in good time we will get there!

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