It’s the time of year we equally love and loathe. We have to pass on our charity commitment hours to two new local charities. So as much as it’s hard to stop our monthly support of our current charities, who often become friends, it’s an important thing to us to ‘share the love’.

At events we’ve been to recently, there’s been a lot of talk about making sure support doesn’t just reach the obvious candidates, and this has made us question how we chose who to support next? We’ve now given away over 600 hours to our local charity partners and?learnt a thing or two along the way, and now the search is afoot again.

So here’s the rub… We’re looking for two charities to support with 5 free hours of digital support each a month that:

  • Have a real enthusiasm for digital
  • Are active digitally, and have a?desire to do it better
  • Hold and cherish the same values & ethical beliefs we do
  • Are lucky enough to have a?top-level structure (for example a board, trustees or management) to help drive the project(s) forward
  • Are small enough that our support will make a real difference and free up members of the team to concentrate on fundraising
  • Focus on Brighton, Hove or Sussex.

We’re incredibly proud of the work we’ve done this year and what we’ve achieved with our incredible charities Grassroots Suicide Prevention and Whoopsadaisy. It really has been a positive partnership and we’re going to be sharing this journey in detail later this month. As a nice end of the year, our Director Grant has been asked to be a trustee for Whoopsadaisy moving forward. We’re sure it won’t be the end of our relationship with either charity, and we offer a special charity project rate helping make this possible.

“Highly recommend working with these guys, invaluable extra help and support with progressing any design or digital project” Tiffany, Grassroots Suicide Prevention.

We’d love?to hear from you. Would you like to be one of our charities or know of any that would love the support? Do you think our process should be different? Or have different priorities??We’re opening the conversation and are very excited about what 2019 will bring.

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Photo by the wonderful Rebecca Campbell Photography