Facebook- the original social media platform. It’s been around for years and is showing no signs of going anywhere. If you’re a business owner who isn’t quite sure how to yield desired results through Facebook marketing, this blog post could be just the thing you’ve been searching for.

Interact directly with your audience

Facebook is a great way to organically get to know your target audience. Starting conversations and building a rapport with existing and potential customers will allow you to gain a deeper insight into what really makes them tick. An equally valuable advantage to having open communication with your audience, is it will enable you to receive real-time feedback regarding your product/service. Actively keeping in touch with your customer base in a timely fashion will indicate that you’re not only a legitimate establishment open for trading but one with stellar customer service. Establishing a dialogue with your customers through comments and messenger could be the difference between them choosing your business over a competitor.

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Grow brand awareness

Facebook can be a great tool to really help you get your name out there. The more active you are on socials, the more likely you will be to increase your visibility to existing and new audiences. Posting a mixture of consistent, quality promotional and non-promotional content is a sure way to increase awareness of your brand to ensure you are reaching fresh eyes, expanding your online community is the way to go. Connecting with potential new customers by following, commenting and liking is a straightforward route to building your online community.

Build your reputation

Creating content that reflects who you really are and what your business is really all about will ensure people view your brand in the desired way. Establishing and adhering to a brand voice can be a one way to achieve this. People are more likely communicate, trust and relate to a brand that has a human element. Acing the perfect tone of voice for your brand and sharing content that demonstrates the scope of what you do and why, your values and expertise will in time build a reputation as a trusted brand within your industry.

Create conversations

Growing your following and creating a community of engaged customers on Facebook is all well and good, however how will this all translate into achieving your business goals? Facebook, if utilised correctly, could be a spearhead for generating valuable conversions. 74% of people follow businesses on Facebook and are more likely to make a purchase on Facebook than any other social media platform, so with the right marketing, both organic and paid, Facebook could become a highly profitable platform for your brand (Socially powerful, 2021).

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Targeted paid ads

 Paid adverts on Facebook are a tried and tested way to not only generate sales from your product or service but to reach an entirely new audience. Paid campaigns differ from organic content as you are usually reaching people ‘cold’, although you are targeting specific groups of people. Selecting the ‘saved’ audience is when you are targeting users with certain interests you believe your customers have. Custom audiences use data about your customers’ online activity to target them with ads (cookies sound familiar?). And last but by no means least, the lookalike audience, where data targets people who are similar to existing customers. There are also various campaign types for different aims, including awareness, consideration and conversions.

We hope our 5-step guide to raising your Facebook game has given you some pointers you can begin implementing as a business or at least has given you some food for thought! If you’d still like some advice or guidance on social media marketing, whether that be Instagram, LinkedInTikTok or any other social channel, get in touch at hello@creative-blend.co.uk

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