We are excited to have one of our partners,?Search Seven’s Tom, write a guest blog post telling us more about how PPC can work alongside other parts of your marketing strategy, and five advantages of doing so…

When thinking about how you want to drive traffic to your site, there are a lot of quick wins that can be made. Sorting title tags, setting up a newsletter, and posting regular content are just a few ways to build up your audience base. Soon, the thought of getting relevant traffic to build up conclusive data about an audience will be important.? SEO, content marketing and PPC, rather than being opposing channels, work alongside to complement one another. PPC is there to plug the gaps where certain keywords may be difficult to rank for, but it can also deliver a lot more than you might think:

Instant (and relevant) traffic to your site

The need for traffic is universal ? you need people to view your product or service so that they can purchase or enquire. By bidding on relevant keywords, you can get exposure to a user when they are actively looking for someone just like you. If you have created an ad which highlights what makes you so unique, and you then send them through to a landing page that matches their query, you have just launched a potential customer into their user journey.

Great for any budget type

Whether you are an independent florist or a giant manufacturer, PPC can work alongside your other marketing strategies. As you only pay when a user clicks, as well as control being given on how much is spent in a day and on a click, you don?t need to have big bucks to start building up your brand. Google will give you recommendations on how much it thinks an advertiser should spend, but ultimately the advertiser is in control.

Detailed testing and targeting options

Search advertising allows for multiple types of testing on your target audience. Whether it?s through testing new keyword ideas or setting up experiments, you have the ability to chop and change what is working. Search is also just one method of PPC, display and paid social advertising through Google?s Display Network, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. allows the possibility to reach people based on demographics, interests, job title, previous site visits and more.

Measurability and trackability

Through Google Analytics and Google Ads own tracking and performance capabilities, you can tell (based on your own conversions as well as PPC stats) exactly whether a campaign, ad group, ad or keyword is working the way you want it to. Couple that with cost stats attributed down to keyword level and PPC is often the most honest platform there is.

It helps with other channels

Driving new users (or existing ones) to your site is an easy way to get your readership on your own content, thus helping with content marketing. From an SEO perspective, the data that PPC provides can give you an insight as to how your site should be optimised. For example, you could see that particular ad messaging is working particularly well with your target audience; as a result, the language on the site could change to reflect this.

With Search Seven specialising in SEO and other search marketing services, they are a perfect partner for our clients who perhaps want to launch a new website, product, event or service with a bang, or if they’re struggling to make a dent in a competitive market with their other channels.

They’re a very friendly bunch and we will happily introduce you. They offer a free SEO check for your website and deliver really thorough recommendations for their clients, which you can either implement yourselves or ask for help from us in terms of SEO content, copywriting or making improvements across your site.