This week Google has announced it?s removal of Flash created banners from its AdWords & DoubleClick networks from January 2017. Condemning any newly created Flash banners to the digital trashcan from June this year.

Since the arrival of Flash in the late 90?s it has been a staple of display marketing, giving life and motion to static banners helping marketers to engage with their target markets.

For Adobe Flash this latest development shouldn?t be a surprise. The writing has been on the wall for Flash since the arrival of the iPhone and Steve Jobs decision to deny Flash on any Apple product. After a disagreement between Jobs and the board of Adobe the technology developed by the iPhone was never going to be suited to the video production supplied by Flash. As such alternative technologies were created to produce video meaning Flash went from a market leader to just another product.

Now with Google?s latest update this is now in our opinion the final nail in the coffin for Adobe Flash. So what does this mean for you and your business?

Well perhaps most importantly for all of your online advertising, now is the time to move to HTML5 display banners. HTML5 as a product offers far more in terms of development flexibility and security which has often been seen as a flaw with Flash. As well as this if your brand is known for your video prowess, you might wish to take sometime to re-produce your videos in a different player outside of Flash.

In order to help aid the transition to HTML 5, the team here at Creative Blend are offering a discount of 10% on all new HTML5 display banners. If you business is ready to make the move away from Flash call us on 01273 640315 or email