In 2015, I was very fortunate to visit Kenya alongside a great team of people, our group visited a local school (Miangeni school) where there were so many happy & excited children who welcomed us warmly.

Whilst visiting the school we witnessed some of the fantastic work that the charity Just a Drop do in Kenya and how their work improves the lives of so many.

Our visit back in 2015 changed each of us and it has now inspired the rest of the team to fly back to Kenya with the plan to climb Kilimanjaro all 5895m of it! Unfortunately I cannot make the climb due to my work back at the Creative Blend HQ, however we have recently sponsored the team and we wish them every success in their climb & a safe return back home.

If you wish to donate some more to help inspire the team and further the great work of Just a Drop please visit the link below and give what you can –

Thank you, Grant