During December we supported local mental health charity As You Are, a non-for-profit charity organisation that offers counselling for anxiety, depression and stress in Sussex. Due to the pandemic and the increase in people struggling with their mental health more than ever, they have been working very hard to adapt their services online. In November they started facilitating support groups, aimed at anyone in our community that has been struggling with their mental health because of Covid19.

Inspired by the work that As You Are do in our community, we thought we’d share some of the things that the CB Team is finding helpful right now because you know, we are all humans after all!

Get out of the house once a day

One of the things we learn from the As You Are Team was the importance of getting outside, making the most of the ‘exercise hour’ we are allowed at the moment. We are all spending so much time at home (especially if like us you work from home too!) that getting out into the fresh, crispy air for a stroll does wonders for your brain and your body

“I’m finding that going for walks along the Downs when I’m not working is really helping me at the moment”

– Liam, Creative Blend’s SEO guru

Eat rainbow colour foods

Another great tip from As You Are is to make a point of having a rainbow of colour on your plate when you eat ????. What we eat can have a massive impact on our wellbeing and mental health, and the impact of colour in your food boosts our immune system and our mood. They also recommend ensuring our vitamin and mineral levels are ok )especially Vitamin D, C, Zinc and B12) as they are very important to a healthy immune system and moods.

“As a Mediterranean, I’m definitely finding a lot of comfort in food right now! Sharing yummy recipes with friends has been a great way to try new dishes and stay connected

– Blanca, Creative Blend’s Digital Marketing Ninja

Stretch regularly

As a Team working from home, we end up spending a lot of time sitting at our desks in from of the computer. With the current restrictions and the cold weather, most of us are finding it’s easy to spend our free time going for walks, reading, playing video games, playing guitar or watching some Netflix… However, we have also found that making a point of stretching while we work is proving to be really beneficial too. It doesn’t have to be anything arduous, but easy stretches, done regularly can have a big impact long-term. Maybe walking around the room, stretching your back on the floor, or move your arms and neck to keep the muscles a bit active. Everything helps.

“I’m finding doing Pilates regularly really helpful, not just for my back but for my mental health too. It’s just one hour a week where I focus on myself, my breathing and my posture. Highly recommend it! “

– Grant, Creative Blend’s MD

Immerse yourself in other worlds

Whether is reading a good novel, playing video games, painting figurines or playing some music, one thing we’ve all been finding is that having some sort of escapism is helping us cope with the anxiety and the uncertainty that’s around us. Taking breaks from the news and social media is also a great way to find pleasure in small things, allowing for so-needed grounding moments.

“Reading a lot of novels, since we can’t go anywhere in real life is really helping me. It’s nice to escape into a good book!

–Charlotte, Creative Blend’s copywriting ninja

Stay connected

Lastly, we’ve definitely found that is quite easy to feel isolated at the moment, so staying connected with friends and family (especially friends!) is helping us to put things into perspective, checking in on each other and just enjoying a good old chinwag. If you are not Zoom-ed out yet, then video calls are probably a great way to stay connected! but we are also finding that texting, playing games online or just having quick calls can also help!
If you are interested, you can also read our guide Free online tools to help you connect with others with different online platforms that might be helpful!

Aaaaaand that’s a wrap! Head over to the Creative Blend Instagram page and let us know how you are coping with the Pandemic and what is helping you right now! And don’t forget, if you need some mental health support, As You Are Counselling are on hand to support you!