Whether you love it or loathe it, when it comes to marketing Valentine’s Day is not a date to ditch. To help you with your marketing activities, our Charlotte has put together seven ways to show your followers, and your business, some love this Valentine’s Day.

1.Deals and discount codes
Valentine’s Day is a celebration of coupledom, so this is the perfect opportunity to offer those ‘two-for-one’ deals or themed discount codes. It may not be the most ‘out of the (gift) box’ idea, but it works!

2.Use Instagram Stories polls and quizzes to encourage interaction
Instagram Stories are the perfect partner for Valentine’s Day marketing. Anything interactive is a great way to get and hold people’s attention. Quiz your followers on Valentine’s Day traditions or hold a poll asking ‘the best’ or ‘the worst’ – date ideas. To make these more relevant to your business, write questions that are specific to those your brand attracts. For example, use locations or hobbies relevant to those who would follow you.

3.Encourage followers to share their love stories
Encourage interaction by sharing love-themed stories with your followers and asking them to do the same. Staff members can share stories of their perfect date location or their own Valentine’s Day plans. As well as encouraging interaction with your followers, this is a great way to share the human side of your brand with people.

Valentine's Day Social Media post exmaples
4.Run a Valentine’s Day-themed competition or give away
This is a fantastic way to grow your social media following. If you can give away one of your own products that is fantastic, but this still works for other businesses. If giving away a product or a voucher for services is not possible, consider teaming up with other related or local businesses.

5.Send a Valentine’s Day Message
If you have no social media plans for Valentine’s Day, then a simple ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ post is quick, economical and shows that you are in the #ValentinesDay spirit. Use appropriate images and colours and tie it back to your brand. So think reds, pinks and V-Day phrasing, for example, ‘can’t live without?’ or ‘the perfect partner’. If the outpouring of social media love does absolutely nothing for you, you are probably not alone. However, rather than ignoring the day, ditch the love for laughs and opt for hilarious tongue-in-cheek posts over heart-warming ones.

Valentine's Day Social Media post example cheesy

6. Don’t forget single people
Thanks to social media, #SinglesAwarenessDay, otherwise known as February the 15th has gained some traction. Celebrating the 15th with giveaways and deals that target single people allows you to cast your net even further and entice even more followers.

7.Encourage a bit of self-love
They say that if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with. Well, with many of us spending Valentine’s with ourselves, it is a great time for a bit of self-love. When actor Jameela Jamil started her @i_weigh campaign in 2018 it took Instagram by storm. She expressed her frustration over the manner in which the media value women’s appearances, and found she was not the only one who felt that way. In a critical world, encouraging a bit of healthy positivity and self-love is never a bad idea, and potential clients are always going to be attracted to messages that make them feel good. It is a win-win!

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