Why choose Creative Blend for your internship?

I was keenly looking for some work experience when I found CB, from what I had heard and looking over their site I had a good feeling that I’d enjoy working there. They seemed very friendly but had an impressive portfolio to match.

Upon starting your internship, what areas of development were you most interested in?

As someone who had been training as a self taught developer, I hadn’t foreseen working with php at my internship so going into it I was most interested in developing my php skills as it is the heart of wordpress.

What were you looking to get out of your time interning with CB?

I was looking to get an experience of what it is like to work with a team full-time and complete web development tasks and get an understanding of what that process would be like. I went into it looking to learn as much as I can in every aspect. I was also hoping to increase my confidence with my work as working from home self taught there was a lot to find out about myself and where with this opportunity. 

What tasks have you most enjoyed completing?

I most enjoyed building a ‘Job vacancies’ page for Dude and Arnette as I felt it really tested my current skills in a good range of areas and was quite satisfying to complete the task because of that. It was a good task because it was quite difficult to begin with and I feel like I learn best as a person and a developer to get stuck into something a bit tricky and go from there. Other tasks that I enjoyed most were ones involving the wordpress backend as that was a weak experience point for me when starting my internship.

What was your favorite part about working with the CB team?

It was hard to decide my favorite part of working with the CB team but I’d have to say that I really enjoyed the team days I took part in. Everyone was very welcoming and friendly which was especially nice on my first team day which happened to be before my first day. I enjoyed it because it was nice to meet the people I’d be working with, share a meal, discuss ideas and goals for the CB team’s future working months.

What are your challenges?