Why did you choose Creative Blend for your internship?

Coming from my university’s CareerLab summer internship programme which offers over 100 internships, choosing where I should do my work experience was hard. 


In the beginning, all I knew is that I wanted to do my internship either in a market research consultancy, having had the experience of working at such a company last summer, or a digital marketing agency, due to wanting to broaden my horizons and get more hands-on experience with marketing. And it HAD TO be an agency since having a variety of clients and tasks to work on is vital for me to remain engaged and keep on developing.


After looking through most of the companies offering summer internships in partnership with the University of Sussex, I decided to apply for the first few. And, after receiving offers from them, I immediately decided to go for Creative Blend. 


Why? Because it just ticked all of my boxes! It was a digital marketing agency working with a range of clients on a range of tasks. And, on top of that, it had a charity commitment, offering charities marketing help for free and proudly speaking about its efforts to be sustainable – both of which are issues I care about deeply as a BSc Psychology with Neuroscience student.

Upon starting your internship, what areas of development were you most interested in?

Upon starting my internship, I did not have any specific areas of development I was interested in. I wanted to immerse myself in marketing, experiencing everything from strategy to content creation, from email marketing to SEO and creative discussions with team members on what content we can create for ourselves and our clients.

What tasks have you most enjoyed?

If I had to choose, I would say content creation (both blogs and social media posts using Canva) was my favourite part, allowing me to unleash my creativity while also thinking about what I create will align with our client’s values, mission and target audience. Furthermore, I enjoyed writing resources for our clients and marketing strategies since it allowed me to expand my knowledge about digital marketing and how to do it well.

What would you like to have done more of?

If there is anything I would like to do more of, it is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) since I have done a few online courses on that but have not had many opportunities to put what I learned into practice. I would also like to expand my knowledge of UX, finding the discipline interesting. And more team lunches to see everyone in person since, due to my internship being only 10 weeks, I only got to attend two!

What was your favourite part of working with the CB team?

My favourite part about working with Creative Blend was how organised my internship was – everything was clearly outlined for me on a Trello board when I arrived, new tasks were communicated in advance with enough time for me to finish and I was always informed about meetings and events, even the ones I was not a part of to keep me in the company loop. 

Another thing I adored about my internship, was the amount of feedback I got from the marketing team – Blanca and Hannah, whenever I completed the tasks – both positive and what I can improve in the future, which reassured me when I did something well and, at the same time, helped me improve further.

I have also appreciated the flexibility of everyone, being able to work both from home and in the office, which, as someone who is from another country and wants to fly home to see their family regularly, particularly over summer, was important for me.

Lastly, throughout my whole internship, I fully felt like a part of the team, having my ideas treated seriously and implemented, something I did not experience in some of my previous work experiences. Everyone was incredibly nice and caring, and professionalism was intertwined with a casual atmosphere. I do not think I could have asked for more and I would for sure love to cross paths with Creative Blend as a company in the future!


What are your challenges?