There’s no point in having the best website in the market if nobody can find it, right? That’s when Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and content come in. There are three main streams of SEO we can help you with:

  • Onsite SEO (which is where keywords and clever copywriting comes in)
  • Offsite (which is about creating content that others want to share and link back to)
  • Technical SEO.

Luckily we’re experts in all of these so you don’t have to be.

Keyword analysis

Google will reward you for being helpful, useful and relevant to a searcher online. This requires making the most of your data to identify powerful SEO content and copywriting opportunities that will hit both the searcher and Google’s sweet spot. 


Our keyword analysis will provide you with:

  • Insights into what users are searching right now in your market/community 
  • Ideas and suggestions for newsletter/social media/blog content your users would want to see
  • It will reveal strategic keywords you can then add to your website to improve your Google rankings.
reporting seo graphs

Content & copywriting

Having a well-optimised website is integral to ranking well for desired search terms. Revisiting your website copy with an SEO copywriter can be invaluable. We can ensure your pages are not competing for keywords, are fully optimised (with all the latest tricks) and enhance the user experience every step of the way.

Technical SEO

Alongside content that’s optimised for search engines, technical SEO ensures every element behind the scenes of your website is helping your search presence. From improving your site-speed to fixing broken links and adding schema data to help your business appear in Google’s knowledge graph, regular house-keeping is essential.

What are your challenges?

We have loved working with Creative Blend over the past year and with their help we now have a brand new website that we are thrilled with! Due to their professionalism and skill we have continued to find other ways to keep working with them even after the new website was finished.


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