Increase your website traffic, generate trust and build a meaningful community with our social media support services. Whether you just need a bit of help with something specific or you need someone to manage social for you, our flexible approach means you get exactly what you need, when you need it.

Social media identity design

Does your social media lack structure, personality and brand consistency? Does it resonate with your audiences? Is it visually enticing? We can design a style that works for you no matter the trending date!

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Social media audit

Conducting a social media audit is a key part of any social media strategy. Before you can think strategically about your social media use, you need to evaluate your existing activity. Our audit will allow you to determine what?s working and what?s not, while also identifying what can be improved and what opportunities are there for social engagement.

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What are your challenges?

Social media management

Organic social media is the public face of your brand. We can help you set a consistent tone of voice and image that not only shares who you are, but delivers trackable actions from your audience. From how you approach Instagram stories to how you use hashtags to reach a greater audience, we will set a strategy and take the daily stress off your hands.

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Social media advertising

Paid social advertising

The advanced targeting at your disposal when it comes to advertising on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter can make it a very effective conversion tool. We can identify opportunities and set up campaigns to support your sales, grow traffic or boost awareness, all alongside easy-to-follow analytics and a monthly review.

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Social media training

Want to get more out of social and content internally? Whether it’s upskilling one-to-one or engaging a whole team on the power of social, we can deliver social media training including looking at the right way to use content for your business.

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Since working with Creative Blend they have become like an extension to our team. They understand our business, our audience and the work they have done has helped us grow our reach and authority. They are full of great ideas for our next steps and have helped us develop as a team in the social media sphere.



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