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Undergoing keyword research is an essential first step in understanding how customers are going to find your brand’s products/services. This part will allow us to uncover any opportunities your business is not currently utilising, to drive potential customers to your website through the search engines. When carrying out keyword research our SEO expert uses data from Google Search itself (something that the average person wouldn’t have access to), which is where the super valuable nuggets come from.



We will review your brand’s meta-data, this involves an evaluation of title tags and meta-descriptions. Title tags are HTML code used by search engines to understand the contents of a web page and ultimately help determine what terms it should appear for in the search results. Meta-descriptions are the descriptive piece of text that appears under a business’ search engine listing. Both title tags and meta-descriptions are another opportunity, if optimised properly, to attract users from search engines. Upon completing this step of the SEO audit, we’ll be able to highlight all the quick wins to improve search engine performance of the brand.

The speed of a web page refers to how long the page takes to load for the user to see the content on that page. Page loading speed does have a small direct impact on where a page will  rank in search results. Site speed is also important from a user perspective; a really slow website could result in users leaving the site altogether out of frustration and going to a competitor with a super speedy load time. In this step of our audit we will review your website for key issues that could be having an impact on site speed and come up with actionable solutions for how we could improve this.

Structured data in the context of websites and search engines, can help search engines decipher elements found on a webpage and whether a page is a blog post, product page or another type of page. Think of them as sign posts for search engines. They can also help improve the chances of triggering a rich snippet within the search engine results page. Ever seen those star ratings below a website’s listing? That’s a rich snippet. In our structured data review of your website, we will analyse your website for opportunities we can take advantage of to improve search engine performance.

Now, this part of the tech audit might sound super top level and techy, but we’re here to break down what this would mean for your business. Across a website’s lifespan, changes to the structure of the website can lead to page errors (‘404 not found’ ring any bells?). These errors will undoubtedly impact a website’s search performance negatively. We will review your website’s HTTPs header responses to highlight any issues (such as the ‘404 not found’) that could be corrected in order to improve search performance and user experience.


Google Search Console is a reporting platform by Google where you can review the performance of your website in search, such as how many users click on your site listing and what the average positions your site is ranking for and much more. It also reports any errors your site might have and can suggest improvements. You have to manually set up this platform to have access to all the data, which we can help you do. Alternatively, if this is already set, you can grant us access and we can perform a further deep dive into your website and can provide an even greater understanding of how your website performs in search.

With this Solution Pack you will have 1hr video call with our SEO expert Liam to discuss any questions you might have about your audit. 

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