Looking for an expert pair of eyes on your website that can identify and perform a website security check? We hear you. With cyber threats on the rise, ensuring your site is bullet proof has never been more important. Our Website Security Solution Pack has been designed to identify opportunities and highlight risks, for your peace of mind it includes:


As a starting point, our dev team will look over the current code base and look for opportunities where the current code can be removed and refactored. Our review will also include searching for any unused plugins that could be removed to reduce code, improve server space and increase security and speed on site. We will also check what backup procedures are in place for your website should anything go wrong, if there aren’t currently any backup procedures we will recommend next steps to rectify this.



We will also review the database for your website and check for any data that aren’t needed any longer. The benefit to removing redundant and unused data is that it will improve the server space, increase security of the site and also improve the speed of your website. Similarly to the code review, we will also check for backup procedures and make recommendations depending on what is currently in place.



In our website security audit we will take a deep dive into CDN opportunities. Now you may be asking what on earth is CDN? CDN stands for content delivery network – these are servers that sit on the internet and host your static website files (html, css, images, javascript etc!). These servers are closer to your users on the internet meaning you can serve your website and their content quicker. We’ll explain the benefits of having a CDN active for your business and we’ll see if your current website has a CDN active and if not we will provide you with recommendations of who can set this up for you.



Everything in WordPress has an effect on security, after reviewing all the listed points above and actioning these opportunities, this will all improve security (i.e. removing redundant code, database data, setting up a CDN etc). We will also review the current firewall/security process your website has in place and test against these to see how sturdy your website’s security is and look for areas of improvement.



In the review of the server, some of the things we’ll be checking for are:

  • Server speed/bandwidth: If the server can only handle a certain amount of request  (bandwidth – how much the server can do at the same time) we’d look at where we can reduce the amount of request are being sent to the server + any request that require the server to do a lot of work before sending back a response. In short:  Quicker server responses = quicker website = better SEO.
  • How many processes can it handle per hour: Quicker server responses = quicker website = better SEO.
  • Server security: reducing your website’s chances of being hacked is always a plus!


Backups: If something were to happen and we didn’t have a backup in place you could potentially lose your site for good. Having a good backup procedure means if anything were to happen we could quickly restore your website and have it back up and running in no time. 


This Solution Pack includes 1hr, 1-1 online session with Dan or Jason to go through their findings. They’ll discuss what works well, what doesn’t, and next steps and opportunities of how best to proceed in tightening up your website security!

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Total price: £560 + VAT

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Jason and Dan will immerse themselves into your site and check that your website’s code is healthy, safe and bullet-proof!