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The Brief:

Geeky fact: We tend to get quite excited when we get asked to optimise a client’s email marketing… why? It’s simple. Email can do SO MUCH for brands, but it’s often a marketing channel that doesn’t get much attention, especially after good ol’ GDPR! So when Agilistic, the transformation expert consultancy firm, asked us to create a robust email marketing strategy, we jumped straight into the data.

Our job was to:

  • Audit the existing email marketing comms and database
  • Create a fresh design, aligned with their new corporate image
  • Create an email content strategy to ensure content was aligned with business goals and objectives
  • Build regular campaigns, send them and report on outcomes
  • Map user journeys to prepare for future automations
  • We had to use Hubspot to manage the process, data lists and reporting

examples of email marketing for agilistic

The Approach:

Auditing the existing email marketing comms and database
We started every project like we always do – looking at the data available.

In this case, we looked into Mailchimp (the previous ESP supplier) and its performance so far, database health, opens and click-through-rates and traffic analysis to the Agilistic website. This gave us an idea of where to start and how to approach our strategy moving forwards.

New email templates
While we were analisying the data, our email specialist, Blanca, created some engaging new email templates injecting creativity and best practices into Agilistic’s comms. These combined promotional messages for different products, from training to webinars and trending articles.

New content strategy
Content-wise there was a lot to do. An email can be pretty, but if it doesn’t add value – users will unsubscribe or worst… block you as spam!
We put together a strategy that not only aligned with Agilistic’s business objectives but also ensured exposure opportunities for news items and fostered trust.

Mapping user journeys
A very important task, often overlooked is the need to map user journeys when working with email marketing. This means ensuring the different touch points are clear (i.e. where can people sign up for your newsletter), what happens when they do and what kind of segmentation and content we can send them. In this case, we used Hubspot to integrate Agilistic’s contact forms on their website and all their marketing channels. This allowed for a holistic tracking experience and a very easy way to read data in reports. It’s worth noting, that this is one of the many advantages of working with agencies like ours, where our different specialists can look after the whole process for you and integrate technologies seamlessly.

Email management 
Once emails and strategy were signed off, we then built the emails on Hubspot and scheduled them for key dates. We tested send frequency, times and different content – an exercise that was key to understanding Agilistic’s database behaviours.

Email reporting
We also provided reporting on performance and database growth strategies every month.


We are a friendly bunch, so if you have questions on how to improve your email marketing simply get in touch – we’d love to help!

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