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Agilistic - Marketing Support

The Brief:

When expert Agile coach Steve Martin contacted us for marketing support, we got excited. His brand, Agilistic, needed some digital support to reach more people and put Agilistic on the map. As a marketing agency led by data, we immersed ourselves in Google Analytics and started drawing ideas for opportunities and improvements. We also used other professional tools for search, social media, and advertising that would help us to recalibrate performance and make useful suggestions that would deliver results.

The Approach:

We began with a kick-off meeting to discuss Agilistic’s brand vision and business goals for the upcoming year. This step is of vital importance as it allows our team to openly discuss ideas, opportunities and how to utilise the brand’s assets to allow for the biggest impact. Moving on from the kick-off our team then created the following documents:

  • A technical SEO review and keyword analysis
    Having a technical SEO review helped us understand where Agilistic sat in its current market. We conducted a really thorough SEO market analysis that highlighted search opportunities for the brand and also gave us a good indication of how Google was ranking the current website. We not only identified many different web pages that could be created, but we also ended up optimising the overall look and feel of the website to support better conversion, engagement and accessibility.


  • Updated branding
    Our website optimisations also included changing the current branding from black and yellow to white, blue and teal, which gave Agilistic a much more modern personality that reflected Steve’s values and ethos. We also created some official brand guidelines for Agilistic so any designs needed would have a reference for styling fonts, images or colour palettes.


  • Business cards design
    Once we had clear brand guidelines, we designed some stationery like business cards with the new fresh styling

Agilistic business cards


  • Marketing and comms strategy
    Our marketing strategy ensured a holistic approach and tapped into different phases of Agilistic’s customer journeys. It also included a bespoke content strategy for ongoing web optimisations and blog content, ensuring we constantly created content for Agilistic that was SEO-strategic, but also timely and relevant.


  • Tone of voice guidelines
    Supplied a document with suggested tone of voice for Agilistic which reflected the brand’s personality and values.


  • Social Media strategy and management
    From designing a new social media identity to advertising, you can view our separate case study on Agilistic’s social media support


  • Monthly report
    We also created a visual monthly report that highlighted month-on-month brand progress across search, social media, advertising

agilistic case study marketing support

  • Website management
    As part of our digital optimisations, we re-built Agilistic’s website with improved UX design, conversion optimisations and new styling. In addition, as part of our work together, every month we looked at what pages are performing best (or worse!) and carried on any necessary optimisations. In this case, we noticed Steve had worked with some highly-respected organisations, yet his website didn’t offer the user any social proof. One of the things we did in the new website, was to include testimonials, create an area for case studies where users can read more about his work as an Agile coach, and add client logos to key pages to show relevancy in the field.


  • PR, events and partnerships
    As part of our ongoing support with Agilistic, we also provided contacts with potential events and partnerships that could benefit the brand, as well as introduced Steve to our PR partner which supported him in developing a B2B presence in the business transformation media field.


  • Email marketing 
    We put together a strategy, new design and ran different campaigns to develop Agilistic’s email marketing activities. You can read more about our email marketing support case study for further details.


  • Social media
    Social media became instrumental when Agilistic’s new website was developed and we created new optimised content that would help users engage with the updated brand. After a lot of market research, we decided to develop Agilistic on Twitter and LinkedIn, running advertising campaigns promoting his services and training courses, as well as engaging with other Agile influencers. Read more about how we supported Agilistic with social media marketing services.


  • Hubspot CRM integrations
    To streamline Agilistic’s processes, we integrated Hubspot with the following elements:
    • Website – by integrating Hubspot with Agilistic’s website, we are able to gather analytics on web behaviour and traffic generated by other sources as well as capturing data when someone submits a form or registers for a newsletter.
    • Email marketing – moving Agilistic’s Mailchimp database to Hubspot meant that we could monitor the contacts’ behaviour moving through the sales funnel, as well as creating engaging monthly newsletters using Hubspot’s design tools.
    • Paid advertising – we also integrated Hubspot with Google ads and LinkedIn ads, that way we can see in one place how different users are behaving across the different marketing channels.
    • Live chat – we also installed Hubspot’s live chat functionality so Agilistic’s team can be at the forefront of user and customer experience.

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