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Agilistic - Social Media Support

The Brief:

Before we were able to advise on the best strategy for Agilistic’s social media, we conducted some thorough research on the Agile market and consultancy arenas as well as a review of our client’s current social media.

Social media became instrumental when Agilistic’s new website was developed and we created new optimised content that would help users engage with the updated brand.

The Approach:

Our approach to clients’ social media is based on data. To be able to provide a successful social media strategy we:

  • Reviewed the current social media channels to get a sense of our starting point. In this case, the client only had a Twitter and LinkedIn pages but received no engagement.
  • Reviewed their market and their key competitors so we could get a sense of how Agilistic compared to others in the field and provided recommendations for messaging and positioning.
  • As we were building a new website for Agilistic, we also developed a new branded suite of social media posts that reflected the new proposition and messaging – a fresh look!
  • Designed other visual assets like business cards, infographics and digital frameworks
  • Lastly, we developed a tone of voice guide that would serve as a manual for anyone writing for Agilistic, from core messaging to values.

agilistic case study social media posts

Social Media Strategy

Once we had enough data to make decisions we decided on the following:

  • We would develop Twitter and LinkedIn only both organically and through paid ads
  • We created a content strategy with key themes, and objectives that would help us weave in the different strands of the business (training, consultancy, charity work, webinars etc)
  • We synched up the comms plans with a robust email strategy integrated into Hubspot so we could ensure the user journey was recorded through Hubspot’s CRM.
  • We advised on a strategy for partnerships and events so we could increase brand awareness and generate conversion interest.

During the time we managed Agilistic’s social media we achieved a 106% increase in Linkedin Followers, 350% increase in Twitter followers and 120% increase in engagement.

Paid Social Media Advertising

The client’s goal was to increase conversions in the form of enquiries or webinar signups so we put together a LinkedIn paid strategy where we focused on targeting specific job titles in different key industries. One of our ads generated 12k impressions and 53 link clicks.

linkedin posts for b2b market

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