Agilistic | Website Build

Agilistic - Website Build

The Brief:

Steve from Agilistic came to us to optimise his website, which had been built on Wix. Steve had big plans for Agilistic and the current website had many limitations that were hindering its performance. After discussing different options, he opted for a new website build that offered a cleaner and clearer digital experience, allowing for ease of use and providing an easy-to-understand user journey, navigation and content structure.

Some of the client’s requirements included:

  • We had to ensure the new Agilistic website promoted his key messages and products
  • The site had to run on a backend solution to aid quick/simple updates (WordPress).
  • With website speed being a key ranking factor, the new site had to ensure it was re-built for speed and performance.
  •  The website will be built with touch-devices in mind – incorporating a responsive structure and 3/4 break-points (large desktop, small desktop, tablet & mobile). The website would have to be content-rich and because of this, it had to allow for ease of use across devices


The Approach:

User-centric approach
As the website was new to the market, we had an opportunity to use the user data we had available (SEO keyword analysis, market research and tone of voice documentation) to launch Agilistic with the user/market in mind. Also as a new website, we didn’t have to be too concerned with causing user disruption.
By taking these initial steps we ensured all outputs were fully focused on the customer/client and their needs, which ultimately aided conversion and SEO performance.

Competitor review and UX
We also reviewed Agilistic’s competitors as well as websites that were highlighted as aspiration points. By doing this we ensured the UX patterns used and design approach was something his market was familiar with, meaning his website felt intuitive on the first visit.

Web Design
Coming into design/development we progressed with a ‘mobile first’ approach ensuring the solutions in place worked with the toughest screen sizes by default. This then allowed us to work any design templates into desktop breakpoints with much more rigour and ease.

agilistic content examples on both desktop and mobile


During this time, our content team worked closely with the client to implement new content, page structures and call-to-actions. Testing all digital creations in line with the latest accessibility guidelines. We made sure to bring the brand’s services, products and expertise in providing agile coaching & consultancy to the user’s attention, whilst maintaining a ‘fresh/clean’ design style.

We also tried to incorporate rich content (video, photography and copy), to establish a real sense of professional pride – which we hope increased the trust in the brand’s personality.

Optimised for Search
Before launching the website, we ensured it was configured to the best practice, using the latest Google guidelines, to allow search engines to fully crawl and index content. This ensured the site was fully visible across search engines, maximising search potential. 
In addition, we prepared a redirect map of the old website’s page URLs to ensure no SEO value was lost. This was a seamless transfer with users simply being redirected to new relevant pages.

Once the website launched it was promoted through Agilistic’s social media channels which we also managed.


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