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Alternative Aquitaine - Stripe Update

The Brief:

At the start of 2022, we were contacted by Alternative Aquitaine (AA) – owned by Simpson Travel who provide holidays in the south of France. AA approached us with the task of updating Stripe within their system to comply with the newest authentication legislation due to come into effect in March 2022.

Failure to do so would impact their source of income massively as Stripe and banks will reject payments if they don’t support the new ‘3D Secure 2.0’ authentication. So the pressure was on from the get go to have the payment process updated within a tight time frame.

After an initial meeting we found that no current developer is working on or has worked on the system for 3-4 years and that it was running on an older version of Laravel. We came to a conclusion with the client that this work would need to be done in two parts: Investigation and Implementation.


    • Scope out the current system to get an understanding of its processes.
    • Find and understand the current stripe implementation.
    • Create a staging site.


      • Update stripe code based on plans in stage 1.
      • Add and test new stripe payment process on staging.

Now we have a plan in place, it was time to get stuck in.

The Approach:

Following the plan above – we took a couple of days to scope out the system to help us answer a few key questions:

How does the current payment process operate?
How can we update Stripe within this system?

The investigation involved us gaining an understanding of Laravel and its integration with Stripe, which turned out to be a great learning experience for us at Creative Blend.

After the investigation, we learnt the type of stripe payment process they were using and what the best practice is in updating this process; this was helped by reading up on Stripe documentation. Following on from this, we were confident that we could implement an update to get AA to a place where they were able to accept payments before the deadline.

We took our findings to AA and explained what we’ve done, how we’ve done it and what our plan was for implementing the update heading into phase 2 of the project.

With the staging site created in phase 1 we were able to implement and test our updated stripe payment process within a safe environment and to be able to demonstrate to AA a working example.

After updating Stripe we got together and discussed any other issues that we found during our time working with AA’s website. We decided that now the immediate threat has been resolved it would be best to find a specialist in Laravel to make further updates and improvements.

Working with AA was an absolute pleasure and we at Creative Blend learnt a lot from working with them on this project. We wish them all the best in their future endeavours and we thank you for the amazing feedback!

You can view their site here:

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