Canon Medical Research (Europe) | Social Media Management

The Brief:

Canon Medical Research Europe came to us in the hopes to improve their brand awareness through an improved social media presence. They felt their current marketing activities didn’t reflect all the amazing the company did and wasn’t reflective of what it was like to work at Canon Medical Research Europe.

They hoped with greater brand awareness, Canon Medical Research Europe would acquire more hits on the recruitment pages on the website and have more young professionals apply to job vacancies.

The Approach:

Social Media Strategy

After having our initial discovery meetings with the team at Canon Medical Research Europe to get to know the team, their current pain points and their vision, our first port of call was to create a fully fledged social media strategy with all those points in mind. We created a social media strategy for the coming 12 months which included things like brand personas, brand voice, content themes, content ideas and a hashtag guide. This strategy allows us to be cohesive and strategic with our efforts on social media and always make sure mixing up our content, appealing to our target audience, using a tone of voice that reflects the brands values

Creation of Branded Social Media Assets

Using the content themes and ideas from our social media strategy, the next step was to create some branded assets for social media. We created designed graphic templates that we could consistently use on socials with slight tweaks to text/ images. We designed templates for content such as blogs, case studies, testimonials, courses, job vacancies, events, employment perks and meet the team to name just a few. Once we had designed these posts we went over the designs in a meeting with the Canon team to get their feedback and tweak a few things, once we got approval from everyone we needed to, we were good to go and create our content calendar.


Canon social media graphics


Content Calendar

We created a content calendar for the coming 6 months, which details the content theme, purpose for the idea (conversion, engagement etc), and any notes, questions or information we will need from the Canon to create the content.

We go through these ideas with the team at Canon on a monthly basis to get the approval for the ideas we have planned out for the month, giving Canon a chance to let us know any current events, vacancies or updates they would like to be posted about in the coming few weeks and give feedback or amendments to current ideas.

Collaborative Social Media Management

Once our content ideas are approved we go and create the graphics needed for these and the corresponding captions and hashtags. We then upload these to the content calendar and a proposing date for each post. Our content calendar is on a live document which the canon team have access to so they can approve or amend each post, which once approved, is when we go and schedule the content for social media and wait for the engagement to roll in!

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