Canon Medical Research Europe | Website Build

The Brief:

The lovely Team at Canon Medical Research Europe in Edinburgh had been struggling with their website’s CMS and how the general look & feel of the site no longer suited their brand. The main purpose of their website was to provide a platform for R&D recruitment and career opportunities, as well as, showcase some of the incredible work Canon do to generate IP for their medical systems.

After a thorough website workshop where our Grant and Dan travelled to Edinburgh to map out the Team’s needs for the new site, we were clear on what the new website had to accomplish:

  • Provide a modern, fresher website design
  • The website had to represent their work and Scottish roots, not just be an extension of their parent company in Japan
  • Display clear information on the mission behind Canon Medical Research Europe and the work they do in Edinburgh
  • Represent their values and ethos as a global organisation that is developing technology to save lives
  • Showcase their latest projects and vacancies, as well as their graduate and internship schemes
  • Have an accessible and easy-to-use CMS so the Team could make updates to the site as needed

The Approach:

After our in-person Website Workshop we got our heads together. Our UX designer Tash started mocking up some designs that would incorporate the clients’ vision with the latest user experience in mind. We looked at their competitors, different design trends, Google data and came up with designs that were clean, simple and modern.

While Tash was designing away, our marketing duo Liam and Blanca started working on the sitemap, the new web structure and what pages we needed to keep, remove or create from scratch.

cb staff working from an office

SEO specialist Liam worked on the technical search analysis while our marketing manager Blanca worked on reviewing and editing their current copy to make it more user-centric, accessible and friendlier. As a Team, we came together at different stages in the process to agree on the best solutions for Canon and worked collaboratively with the Canon Team.

From a visual standpoint, we felt the old site gave users a very corporate, generic feel. If we were to create a platform that would put Canon as a great employer in Edinburgh, we believed in bringing the Scottish Team to the forefront – at the end of the day, everyone wants to see what working at a company is really like, right? Tash and Blanca worked together on the imagery and coordinated with the client’s photographer suggesting ideas for different photo shoots.

From a content standpoint, we identified some areas of content that were absent in their current site that we felt critical to feature on the new web build. These include some of their employee benefits, social activities, charity support (both fundraising for local charities but also helping at foodbanks) and different events they do for fun too! We also felt the new site needed to showcase trust credentials, so we made sure we took into account partner logos, Glassdoor reviews and staff testimonials. If you are familiar with how we work, you’d know as a digital marketing agency we really believe in the power of being human and so, we were on a mission to ensure the team and their experiences were at the forefront of the new site.

Once the design was approved and the content had been mapped out and edited, our developer Dan started building the site and testing it. The website was custom-built in WordPress, completely designed and built around the client’s needs. We also added some transitions and animations to help users navigate the site with ease whilst adding a creative flair to otherwise static elements. Once we were ready, we tested it across different devices, and ensured all pages were optimised for Google Search. The client did their final checks and once signed off, we were ready to launch!

PLUS! Once the site was built, we also provided one-to-one support and created supportive documents so the client felt empowered to use the CMS by themselves.

You can now visit Canon Medical Research Europe’s brand new site on:

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