Canon Medical Research (Europe) | Social Media Strategy

The Brief:

Canon Medical (Europe) came to us to help them improve their digital presence. Their main focus was to increase their brand awareness and improve their engagement rates, hopefully yielding conversions and recruitment. They were keen to understand how their social media platforms could help them to achieve this goal.

The Approach:

Before starting to create content for any platforms, it’s really important to have a clearly defined strategy in place to make sure the content we are creating and posting is strategic, consistent and created with their goals and target audiences in mind. This is where the creation of our social media strategy came in. We created an all singing, all dancing social media strategy for the coming year, so anyone in their team could have this document and use it as a complete guide to creating strategic social media content. This document makes creating content an extremely simplified process for whoever is in charge of making content as it will tell you who you are targeting content to and their pain points, how to write in the desired tone of voice, content themes to ensure a mix of content, specific content ideas, a bank of hashtags ready to go and tips on best days & times to post for engagement.

Our social media strategy includes:

  • Specific social goals
  • Agreement of brand tone of voice
  • Examples of brand voice
  • Target audience personas & pain points
  • Hashtag guide
  • Best practice
  • Content themes
  • Content ideas
  • Breakdown of paid ads
  • The tools we recommend

This document acts as a great starting point for Canon’s team to internally manage their social channels and gives some strategic direction for the brand. It will give them a defined idea of their target audience and their pain points and what content they should be posting on each platform to appeal to that audience which in turn will grow their brand awareness and in time contribute towards reaching their recruitment goals.

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