Cubania Travel | Social Media Management

Cubania Travel | Social Media Management

The Brief:

Cubania Travel are the sustainable, active travel experts in Cuba. They’ve been organising small group tours and bespoke itineraries to experience the best of Cuba for the last 20 years – a real authority in the field! When we met, their MD Lucy, was after an agency that could help her develop a B2C social media strategy for Cubania. Beyond the cycling tours, Cubania had developed new trips for different audiences so a solid strategy to raise brand awareness and support sales was needed. On top of that, Cubania had experienced a fair amount of troubleshooting with their Meta accounts, both Facebook and Instagram had limitations and advertising restrictions – so it required a creative, strategic and technical team to crack on… and that’s where we came in!

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It’s been a boon to meet Creative Blend! They have helped us understand SEO and Social Media and have created logical steps to reach our marketing goals. Having a bilingual team member who understands the two cultures we work in has been invaluable. Thank you!

The Approach:

We approached this project as we do with any project – we looked at the data. We took onboard the client’s feedback and insights and we went deep into Meta analytics, Google and other search tools. The result was a very thorough audit of Cubania’s market and the current positioning, highlighting opportunities we could tap into and setting a strategy for any marketing channels. We work holistically, so any insights and data nuggets that we feel are critical, are shared with anyone involved in Cubania’s digital sphere – from their sales team to web developers or advertising partners. Truth is, all marketing channels work in tandem, so what we found through search was helpful for social media and what we found through social media had an impact on what needs to be updated on the website. The next steps were as follows:

  • We set a content strategy for both blog content and social media
  • Launched a campaign on socials called ‘Cuba Awaits’ highlighting different things you can do in Cuba when travelling with Cubania
  • Improved the social identity design of the different comms
  • Created different types of content showcasing Cubania’s USPs but also, softer, less commercial content that would help us raise their engagement across the different platforms.
  • Deepened the engagement with influencers in the cycling world, to foster alliances and partnerships with like-minded individuals that share Cubania’s passion and love for Cuba


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