DISC | Branding

DISC | Branding

The Brief:

For more than 20 years Littoralis has worked with police, local communities, independent crime reduction partnerships, Business Improvement Districts and other community groups to successfully implement DISC.

The DISC app allows these parties to notify their local communities of criminal threats in their area whilst alerting the correct authorities.

During an initial meeting with the Littoralis team, we spent time understanding the journey of the DISC brand since its launch in 1999. From a brand perspective we could see after multiple iterations over the years the mark had lost its presence, and worst still clarity of the DISC brand name was becoming obscured.

After further discussion, it was agreed the brand needed to be evolved with a focus on a clearer message and mark.

The Approach:

Our first step for the brand was to sit down with the DISC main man Charlie and discuss his desires for the new brand. After meeting we agreed a list of aspirations; it should be: clear, dynamic, colourful with an easy to understand strapline.

With a clear requirements list we moved into the design phase, starting first with greyscale artwork taking three different approaches to the brand and working through the preferred logo route with the client. Once selected we settled on a mix between two directions, with the idea for a new strapline included.

At the next step we worked closely with the client to address brand colouration – pushing boundaries to make the brand more colourful and energetic! The use of colour will become a common theme for the brand in all marketing collateral and website? coming soon!

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