DISRUPTIVE HR CLUB | Membership website build

DISRUPTIVE HR CLUB | Membership website build

The Brief:

Working with brands that constantly innovate and disrupt is thrilling – it keeps us on our toes and means that we must keep developing smarter updates and new ways to solve problems. With our long-term clients Disruptive HR we are working with a market leading Human-Resources company like no other!

On this occasion the Disruptive HR team came to us with a new idea. The team had a desire to create a new members only website which would provide ‘members’ access to newly curated HR content from videos to podcasts. The issue was the new members club had been partially built by another developer but the project had become stalled after many months and was now becoming a concern for the team.

After listening to the full range of requirements & concerns, we arranged a meeting with the original developer who was willing to help with the transition. Once we were all in agreement on next steps Gemma & Jason began working with the primary list of requirements:

  • The website must work with WordPress
  • There must be the ability to work with multiple levels of membership
  • Payment should be taken via invoice or Stripe
  • The back-end must be simple to operate and administrate


We have worked with Grant, Jason and Creative Blend for several years and are now a key part of the Disruptive HR Team! During this time we have enjoyed great communication with friendly advice, which was a key feature throughout the build of our websites and ongoing support, keeping us informed and helping us make key decisions at each stage.  We look forward to continuing our work with them on our new digital projects!

Lucy Adams | CEO Disruptive HR
Disruptive HR CLUB

The Approach:

Our first step to the project was to better understand the previous system which is where Gemma came into her own. Reviewing the original development we were delighted to find things had been done to a good standard. This allowed us to replicate certain elements onto the new website and transition other services over. However whilst reviewing the previous development we took note of a few usability concerns and a back-end system that unless the operator was a developer was very difficult to use (we now understood the desire for a WordPress system).

Whilst Gemma was exploring the old setup, Jason was busy building the new WordPress website by re-building the structure of the pages, adding areas for new copy & media to be displayed, applying functionality for a new forum and allowing for an accounts area for each member. On top of this we also needed to give the ability to have multiple levels of membership each with their own access levels and sub-accounts.

Once completed this then led us to the transition of content… taking close to 500 pieces of content (media & copy) from the CDN (content delivery network) to a new system. Thankfully we were able to utilise some clever systems to transfer a bulk of the content however it was largely manual work to ensure everything was just as we wanted it.

After thorough technical testing, we also conducted different user testing sessions ensuring all the information was easily accessible through desktop, mobile and tablet. Bringing us to launch the website in November 2019!

View their website to see the final product (of course much of the website is members only): https://disruptivehr.club/

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