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The Brief:

Disruptive HR is a Human Resources agency who are looking to change how people management is handled for the benefit of the individual. Training managers and teams to empower the human element and treat team members as adults. Removing the need for red tape and policies!

As we come in into 2024 we look back and celebrate 7 years with the HR powerhouse that is Disruptive HR! Lucy, Karen, Helen and the team are one of our longest-standing clients and a company with whom we have shared a great journey.

Back in 2017, we met with their wonderful team in London to discuss bringing a new style of HR company to market. One that broke away from the regular mold and began to challenge an industry that had become quite “stuffy” and bloated by policy + red tape. They had previously been working with a freelancer but believed now was the time to take the next step.

We have worked with Grant, Jason and Creative Blend for several years and are now a key part of the Disruptive HR Team! During this time we have enjoyed great communication with friendly advice, which was a key feature throughout the build of our websites and ongoing support, keeping us informed and helping us make key decisions at each stage.  We look forward to continuing our work with them on our new digital projects!

Lucy Adams | CEO Disruptive HR
Disruptive HR CLUB

The Approach:

The early days:

During our initial discussions, it was quite clear Disruptive HR had a real drive to change the HR game; but first, we had to define their ‘look’! The desire was to create a brand that created an impact, something with colour, something that felt like a marketing agency and not an HR business.

Taking things forward the team also wished to create a new consultancy website built for speed, SEO presence and most importantly to show the flair and personality of the company. If they were to break away from the “hum drum” of HR this was imperative.

We’re proud to say in the early days we produced and launched:

  • A new WordPress website taking the brand away from the old website CMS which was slow and made updating pages tricky
  • Launched a new brand focussed on bringing colour to the agency. Working with Natasha in the team we brought life and colour into the agency utilising a paint splash to the brand which is still used to this day!
  • We supported the Disruptive HR team in launching new products such as:
    • a Box of Conversations
    • The Each Model
    • On-demand bookings (powered by Calendly)
    • Conversations Toolkit
    • HR diagnostics
    • The new Disruptive HR app
    • and an unbelievably rich content hub!


The Disruptive HR Club:

After 2 years of working together and achieving some fantastic results with the new website (https://disruptivehr.com/) increasing traffic volumes to the site by 30% and with the new product ‘a Box of Conversations’ flying off the shelves (with over 3,500 boxes being sold). The Disruptive HR team had a new idea… What if we created a membership website that provided the HR community with a place to read the best content on HR and to discuss issues as a community.

At the start of 2019 this seemed like a fantastic idea given the Disruptive HR community and fan base was growing at a rapid rate. During our discussions we recommended building a platform that allowed for the following:

  • An easy to use CMS (WordPress), presenting tiered membership status (single and team)
  • Connections with Hubspot (CRM), Mailchimp, and a commerce system run on site and connected with Stripe
  • Allowing for a rich content base and accessible navigational structure to provide users with clear categories and search functionality
  • Liking and sharing functionality providing ‘social-proof’
  • A community forum; allowing members to discuss and post new issues or points of discussion
  • And the ability to add on products to memberships


We’re pleased to say the Club website is still growing and going from strength to strength with a member base of over 7,000! With members such as Google, Sky, Toyota and Virgin to name a few.

Although the Club showed instant success it was during COVID that the Club became a vital resource to the community. This was not something we could have predicted but something we are proud to have supported in bringing people together during this time.

Disruptive HR team picture

Continued growth…

Moving on from the success of Disruptive HR Club we then supported the Disruptive HR team in launching Disruptive Leaders.

Working from a similar design and model as the Club, Disruptive Leaders is aimed at supporting people managers from sectors outside of HR.

Today we continue to support the Disruptive HR team in growing and supporting their fantastic community! Working across each of the websites and tracking successes via GA4 and Google Tag Manager.

The results we’ve achieved together:

  • We’ve designed, built and launched 3 new websites
  • Supported on 2 mobile app builds
  • We have supported in the sale of over 3,500 products on .com (and growing)
  • Since 2018 our work has provided an average new visitor growth of 27% YOY (via organic search i.e. SEO) on .com and 30% on .club! (since launch)
  • We have also supported on delivering an average 16% YOY increase in revenue on .com (via organic search) and 29% increase in revenue on .club (via direct traffic)


We’ve had a fantastic time working with the wonderful Disruptive HR team and would like to thank them for their continued passion and support!


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