Dude & Arnette | Logo design

Dude & Arnette | Logo design

The Brief:

Dude and Arnette are a fourth family generation family business. Their team specialises in restoring and repairing cowls ? the distinctive chimneys on the top of Oast houses. Over the years Dude and Arnette have become well known for their high standards and build quality ? this was something that Darren and the team felt wasn?t coming across in their old brand.

So Darren from Dude & Arnette came to us looking for a revamp on their current logo and branding, bringing in the core values of the business and ultimately solidifying the brand. The new logo design needed to bring together the established traditions of the oast cowl trade, with a new clean style. The heritage of the business was to come across as a primary message through out.

Great team of people, would always recommend!

B. Hole | Dude & Arnette
Dude & Arnette

The Approach:

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