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The Brief

Dude & Arnette are one of our first-ever clients, that have continued working with Creative Blend since 2013. They are a fascinating business, full of character. A business established in 1937 and run by the Hole family in Kent, they are the UK’s market leader in oast cowl repair, construction and maintenance. True craftsmanship, dedication and loads of interesting heritage! Apart from looking after their website, they approached us to develop a cohesive social media strategy and SEO content that would help them in future-proofing their business online.

The Approach

Social Media Audit
We firstly reviewed Dude & Arnette’s social media existing presence and put together a list of opportunities and improvements. As skilled craftsmen, they have a strong eye for detail which meant they were already using great imagery on their social media accounts but lacked more strategic, lead generation updates that could support conversions. They were very active on Facebook and Instagram and we had some basic presence on Twitter.

Social Media Strategy
We put together a strategy that would focus on 80% visually enticing images and 20% promotional branded messages. Striking the balance was key, as they didn’t want to overload their audience with promotional updates. This allowed us to maintain their existing visual identity but also adding extra graphics to their feeds that would generate more exposure for their services as well as any other web content.

Social Media Support
Once we were all clear on the strategy (and what we wanted to achieve), we put together some examples of branded posts we could use (see graphic on the left) that highlighted their craft, built trust through customer testimonials and featured latest web news.

Our role moving forward focused on supporting Dude & Arnette through social media training sessions, graphic creation and overall marketing advice. This means we get to work closely together, sharing the social media updates, and coaching their Team to feel empowered taking risks while at the same time delivering results. This support approach gives the Dude & Arnette Team peace of mind they have an expert on board to support them whenever they need it, and also it gives them an extra pair of hands to reach their audiences further in a more strategic way.

Great team of people, would always recommend!
— B. Hole, Dude & Arnette

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A little on the client

Dude and Arnette are the UK’s market leader for oast cowl manufacturing, restoration and repairs. We have been the go-to family business for oast house owners for over seven decades.

Client: Dude and Arnette

Skills: Social Media Strategy, identity creation and Support

Management Date: October 2019-to date