Extratime | Social Media Management

Extratime | Social Media Management

The Brief:

Brighton charity Extratime approached us to build their new website and consolidate their social media presence online. As a charity with limited resources, it was important for them to reach as many people as possible and explain their proposition in a clear, informative way. While Grant and our dev team worked on the website build, our communications specialist Blanca started working on Extratime’s social.

Their Facebook account was working really well for them, with a very engaged community; Twitter needed some love, as there hadn’t been much activity or engagement and their Instagram had been hacked and they were following 4k people that were spam… eeek!

We have loved working with Creative Blend over the past year and with their help we now have a brand new website that we are thrilled with! Due to their professionalism and skill we have continued to find other ways to keep working with them even after the new website was finished.

Sam Price | CEO

The Approach:

Social Media Audit
We firstly reviewed Extratime’s social media existing presence and put together a list of opportunities and improvements. They didn’t need a lot of support with Facebook, in fact, it’s one of the best performing charity accounts we’ve ever seen! So we mainly focused on bringing their Instagram up to speed, removing the spam contacts and engaging with their community on Twitter.

Social Media Identity Creation
In order to start putting together a social identity for Extratime, we mapped out their personas, their values and type of communications that would be needed. They wanted to make sure any communications were based on being friendly, fun, approachable and caring.

We also put together a social media strategy that combined the promotion of activities, family fun days and after school clubs. This included a content calendar with key dates for them. The goal was to raise awareness of what Extratime stood for and the activities they carry out to support children and local families.

As part of our social media management package, we designed and created their content, managed their community and also put together a social media campaign idea to go alongside the launch of the new website.

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