FOX Marketing Services – Website build

FOX Marketing Services – Website build

The Brief:

Often when we take on a new project we begin working with the client to define what the best route to completion is, working with a problem they may have found with their business or a new requirement for their business. This then leads us to confirm a solid brief and ultimately takes us to the next step of creation.

However with FOX Group this was certainly not the case, they were very well prepared, they new what they wanted and they knew who they wanted to do it? And we were thrilled they chose us!

Working with their team we got to understand their business, the skills included within the team and the dedication to ensuring their service was the best around! The problem was the FOX team didn’t feel their previous website told this story effectively which presented a real problem for their business.

After a solid kick off we sat down with the project team which consisted of our team and some of the FOX Groups own creatives who took care of the video and the new brand work.


I would recommend Creative Blend in a heartbeat. Working with the team was a pleasure, and their professional and hardworking ethos was evident throughout. From the start Grant worked hard to explore what we wanted out of our website and understand our industry. Communications and planning were always on point which enabled the project to run smoothly. Importantly for us Creative Blend remained flexible during the build. Our goal posts regularly changed which impacted the requirements of the site, but they rose to the occasion every time. The proof is in the pudding and they have designed and built a website we are very proud of. We can’t thank you enough for your time and effort, we are thrilled. FOX Group look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.

Jules Haines |
Fox Marketing Services

The Approach:

After the initial project team meeting we set about creating our own mini website audit, reviewing current structure and client feedback/reviews to give us a good overview of the original user experience. Sadly there was no form of analytics onsite so our initial analysis had to be qualitative.

After plotting out the key project acceptance criteria and areas we believe would present worth while opportunities we got cracking with some new wireframes.

Our resident design guru LJ stepped up to the task with FOX and got to work building out multiple wireframes, whilst reviewing key functionality and areas of video which we believed would engage the user through out.

Once we found ourselves in a position where our wireframes had been agreed we moved right along into digital design, creating clear visual concepts and beginning to add the final touches and delighter points.
Presenting our designs to the board in Tunbridge Wells I’m happy to say we got the all clear with very minor tweaks? We were now ready to call in Jason who took the visuals from concept to code in a very small amount of time – testing thoroughly through out. This took us into our final stages of testing, setting up GA and logging the new sitemap with Google Search Console.

Since live we’ve received some lovely feedback from the FOX team as well as some of our own clients!

Some highlights from the project:

  • Bespoke design customised to an easy to use editor all run on a WordPress CMS
  • Integrated video through out
  • Mailchimp Integration allowing all signups to automatically populate the FOX Group email database.

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