Go Bespoke | Website design & Development

Go Bespoke | Website design & Development

The Brief:

Go Bespoke are a Luxury bespoke travel & concierge who specialise in creating unforgettable experiences.

We started working with the team at Go Bespoke at the beginning of 2018 helping develop and build upon what was a particularly unorthodox website structure, navigation and page build. After completing the initial ?clean-up? work on the website which helped relieve a lot of SEO problems (with our amazing partners at Search Seven) and improving some of the page structure issues our attention turned to a grander plan.

With the current website originally built on a custom Expression Engine CMS there was a big job ahead – as any developer knows working with a previously built website can hide many sins & pitfalls.

But Jason & Adam in our development team felt up to the challenge!


The Approach:

Like any good kick-off meeting, the session was full of ideas, aspirations & functionality requests! This helped us to understand the mindset of the team and look at the key deliverables throughout the project, once agreed these points became the acceptance criteria of the build.

For the major builds, we started to wireframe, restructure, review data and update the information architecture on all pages. Working iteratively with the Go Bespoke team ensuring all considerations were taken and the outputs finalised.

Although the website was built on previously built ?foundations? the look, feel and layouts of the original site have completely changed from the homepage to property pages everything was re-designed. Meaning we had met the Go Bespoke?s team criteria of not committing to a re-build whilst giving them the look of an evolved brand.

During the build we also helped their team move from a .net to a .com domain this can be found at www.gobespoketravel.com

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