Inclusive Employers | Mailchimp Template Creation

Inclusive Employers | Mailchimp Template Creation

The Brief:

Inclusive Employers is the UK’s first and leading membership organisation for employers looking to build inclusive workplaces. They offer consultancy, training, and relevant events for businesses to get involved with.

The Approach:

Like many businesses, the Inclusive Employers team was well versed in using HTML email templates to build their weekly newsletters. If you’ve ever had to work with these type of newsletters, you’ll probably agree with us on this one: they look very pretty but they misbehave a fair bit! More often than not, you get stuck with text that doesn’t align or images that don’t display properly. If you are a marketeer that doesn’t know how to edit the code (why would you, right?!)… well… it gets very frustrating!

So what did we do? We reviewed their Mailchimp data, their click maps and campaign performance and came up with two new newsletter templates that were:

  • Still on brand, but combined different complementary colours for different content
  • We also created image templates on Canva so that they could export high-res images that would work in all of their new newsletter templates
  • A more visual and less text-heavy design
  • A design that was still mobile-responsive
  • Easy and quick to build!

After a few tests, the templates were ready to be deployed, saving time and headaches to the Inclusive Employers’ marketing Team. We, of course, arranged a training session walking the team through the whole process from beginning to end, empowering them to develop those templates according to their needs for future campaigns.

Mailchimp is a very versatile tool and offers a clean, clear way of displaying information that can be easily adapted to your business needs. If you have any questions or need support setting yourself up with Mailchimp please get in touch with us – we’d love to help!

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