Inclusive Employers & National Inclusion Week

The Brief

In 2020 we were contacted by Inclusive Employers, the fantastic organisation behind the incredibly popular and influential National Inclusion Week (NIW) event.

National Inclusion Week had been gaining in popularity each year, attracting a host of huge companies to the event along with a  large amount of online traffic to the Inclusive Employers website. Following the success of NIW 2019 and the looming impact Covid-19 pandemic on future events, Inclusive Employers asked for our support tackling the following challenges:

  1. Remove bugs and improve the user experience on key areas of the website
  2. Relieve the admin burden on the internal team involved in member management
  3. Create an events system that can integrate with Zoom for online events

The Approach

Improving conversion rates with bug fixes and good user experience:

The diversity calendar page in-particular was attracting a huge amount of traffic, but removing bugs and improving user experience (UX) was critical to increasing conversion rates.

This page in particular had range of UX issues and a bug that completely undermined it’s function, giving it a 8 day week(!). It also had more subtle underlying accessibility issues that given the nature of Inclusive Employers audience, risked undermining the brand message making it a critical problem to address.

With the implementation of a whole new system, we were able to address these issues, which tracks with increased traffic and engagement on the page which has continued to show a strong upward trend.




increase in page views


reduction in bounce rate


reduction in exit rate

Freeing staff from manual repetitive tasks, so they can focus on the important things.

Membership is one of the core offerings of Inclusive Employers, and one of the many perks of membership is being able to bring a group of your colleagues to each of their many fantastic events. What this meant for the Inclusive Employers team however, is hundreds and hundreds of email requests from members with lists of names to be registered for any given event.

The degree of work involved in this of course was huge and required a lot of repetitive data entry and porting of details manually between CRMs, spreadsheets, the website or more. With our support, we were able to help replace this system with an automated, robust setup that saved huge amounts of time for the team.

A new membership system allowed members to manage their own teams,  empowering them with a simple and easy to use interface that allows quick and easy event registration. Member places were now automatically calculated and regulated, removing all the burden from the internal team while ensuring a clear process for users to ensure they are getting the most from their membership.

Finally, a Mailchimp integration allowed for a seamless transfer of member data into specific audience lists to ensure everyone is always getting the most important and relevant communications, essential for engagement.

The automation of manual processes freed up staff time, and ensured a robust process for users.

Integrating the website with Zoom 

With the introduction of Covid-19 restrictions and regulations, the client needed support to manage a transition from in-person events to digital, remote events. 

We were able to integrate Zoom with the events ticketing system, reducing friction for both the front end user and the inclusive employers team.

The internal team in charge of setting up events could now use the website as a single, centralised system rather than manually managing event information between Zoom and the website – greatly reducing time required and eliminating room for error. 

Front end users likewise benefited from a streamline process that sent them a single ticket email with all the event details, payment confirmation, and calendar integration all in one place – making for a much smoother on-boarding process and increasing event engagement.

A smoother journey for users and staff, removing friction and blockers for Zoom webinar attendance.

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