Inklusion Print | Website Build

Inklusion Print | Website Build

The Brief:

In late 2020 our long-time client St. John’s School and College approached us with a new opportunity. Following the successful build of their main website, they were keen to re-imagine and develop their print studio website – Inklusion.

Founded in 2012 Inklusion has offered the students of St. John’s School and College, an opportunity to apply their skills in art & design to real-world scenarios. 

Not only do they offer a great working experience to their students, but all products are made organically and all profits from the studio go back into supporting the charity! Making this very much a win-win and we were thrilled to be involved.

Following a review call we made note of the following requirements:

  • The website must be easy to update and maintain; there should also be an easy to understand production process within the backend of the website, making it accessible to students
  • The new website must promote key messages and present a clear e-commerce purchase path with a secure payment gateway (Stripe) included
  • The layout must be clear & the information scannable, whilst promoting the team, products, and outputs
  • Certain products must allow for a personalised message that will be included within the product information


The Approach:

Having worked with St. John’s since 2018, we were well aware of their team and the requirements of the main education facility. However, the Inklusion team were completely separate and had their own objectives & ideas.

Because of this, we started with the all-important kick-off meeting. This allowed us to spend some crucial time with the studio team (via Zoom), to understand their preferences, places of aspiration, studio plans, and furthermore how to support their students.

Due to this meeting, we found that a substantial part of the project was to ensure the website (although built on WordPress) had a customised back-end whereby a student could clearly be directed to enter new stock information. 

Working with the studio staff we agreed on the following updates:

  • Reducing the WordPress backend navigation to present a clearer path
  • Colour coding input areas to help learners work with the system
  • Restructuring the product pages to have all input fields in a step-by-step process

Following on from the kick-off meeting we were buzzing with ideas and keen to begin.

This first started with design, where we worked closely with the studio team to review initial wireframes, digital scamps, and final visuals. Throughout, the Inklusion team was exceptionally receptive to ideas and helped guide branded elements to add warmth and playfulness (paint splashes + animations) which aligned with their values.

Working through a few iterations of the design on our development website, we were able to begin ‘drilling’ down to the final website layout.

After the design elements were agreed upon, we progressed with the development to ensure all information was in place, the payment system working, products uploaded, layouts coded and most importantly the website was inclusive.

Following the completion of the project, we provided Inklusion with a series of training videos, displaying how to use their new website which will be useful for years to come.

We are really looking forward to seeing this year’s studio products on sale and hope the Inklusion studio & students love the website!

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