Lanzarote Retreats | Web Build

The Brief:

Lanzarote Retreats came to us in need of digital support. Their current website needed to be updated regarding how it looked and felt to its user base; the site needed a revamp. Due to technological restraints, which were affecting security and on-site functionality, they could not make the updates that were so desperately needed and could only be tackled by starting from scratch and rebuilding.

Tasked with designing and building a new website, we started with a kick-off meeting with Lanzarote Retreats to work out the project’s goals. These were:

  • A website that can easily be updated and maintained by the team at Lanzarote Retreats
  • A website that can keep up to date with the latest security and development updates without the site falling apart
  • Designs that bring the Lanzarote Retreats colour palette to life through the website
  • A user-focused design to help get users where they need to be, whether sending an inquiry or viewing/booking a property
  • A website that can have its content translated into multiple languages
  • Migration of website content including translations

Fantastic agency who feel like a real extension to our team. They are always there when you need them and never too busy to run through concepts and thought processes with you. Great account management and Grant’s design background offers a fantastic opportunity to not only nail the dev and UX side of things, but it’s also always on brand and very fresh and relevant. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the Creative Blend team.

Georgie Monaghan | Travel Places Marketing Manager
Travel Places | Website Support

The Approach:

Once our targets were established, it was time to design and build the website.


Along with making the designs accessibility-compliant and helping users in their journey, we had to take additional time to test certain elements within the design. Content-heavy sections had to be tested against dynamic content and how they would interact with the rest of the document, due to the fact the content is going to be displayed in multiple languages causing the copy to shrink or expand. After a few rounds of revisions and testing, we got to where we needed to be and the designs were taken into development.


Developing the Lanzarote Retreats website was a challenging yet rewarding experience. Due to project requirements, issues were found along the way which we had to tackle and it took our team coming together to come up with solutions on how to make it work. Some of these issues involved the migration of custom functionality built using older versions of PHP and migrating content/translations from an outdated plugin to a more recent version. To make this work, certain functionality had to be rewritten and decisions had to be made about what could be brought across; we wanted to find the perfect balance between making the site as updated and secure as possible without needing to rewrite large amounts of copy. 

After a great effort between ourselves and the client team, we successfully built the new Lanzarote Retreats website. You can view this here. While you are there why not take a look at their holiday properties and you never know, there might be something there that catches your eye! 

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