Marie Redmond | UX & Visual Design work


The Brief

In 2020 we were approached by the lovely people at Marie Redmond Tuition, who were looking to get their conversion pages working harder. 

Marie Redmond Tuition offers friendly, approachable tuition for primary school children who are looking for a step up in their education. 

After a call to discuss the full requirements of the brief, including the nuances of the service & variables depending on the location we were ready to get started!

The requirements were as follows:

  • The pages must maintain the same copy that exists on the current website (no reduction in copy)
  • Booking must be made more clear and easy to find
  • The location of each service must be clearly displayed & offer contextual information upon ‘click’
  • The layout must be clear & the information scannable

The Approach

We first took some time to formulate an understanding of how the information on the main conversion pages would be used. 

Whilst reviewing the pages we first noticed the volume of copy on the website. There was an awful lot of useful information available to customers but this was often being missed as it wasn’t provided in manageable chunks.

This gave us a great opportunity to make the user journey far easier, by separating copy & imagery per section.

For instance, providing a ‘quick snapshot’ of the service at the top of the page, whilst also providing some icons to help the user understand what they will be getting quickly. This could then entice the customer to read more further down the page!

We took this approach for each page we worked on, starting first with the GL & CEM 11+ mock exam pages and finishing with the primary booking page.

The biggest challenge was creating an interface to allow a clear ‘toggle’ of content, moving between locations, and delivering the correct content at the right time. This was a real problem in the original layouts that led customers to miss the key information that could lead to bookings!

In our approach we opted for a selection of location cards that could be selected to display additional information, displaying the content most relevant to the individual. This would then provide details on parking, location, classes available, and the pricing structure.

This meant we could remove potential issues with overloading users with content that isn’t relevant. Further to this we also introduced a new font selection which brought the website up to date and allowed for an easier read (considering the volume of content this was very important)!

Since the work launched we’ve had some great feedback from the client, and the brand adjustments are now being rolled out site-wide! 

A little on the client

Marie Redmond Tuition offers friendly, approachable tuition for primary school children who are looking for a step up in their education.

Client: Marie Redmond Tuition

Skills: Web design, UX,

Release Date: September 2020